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Organizational Changes Within Division of Student Affairs

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September 8, 2020

The Division of Student Affairs at the University of Northern Colorado has established organizational changes to better serve the campus community. The Division of Student Affairs Organizational Chart shows the division’s structure; below are highlighted title and role changes:

  • Two Administrative Service Centers (ASC) were created to help specific functions of the division. These centers help with human resources, financial and business administrative projects.
    1. One ASC directly serves Housing and Residential Education and Dining Services.
    2. The other directly serves the Campus Recreation Center and Dean of Students, (including Student Outreach and Support, Bear Pantry and Community Standards and Conflict Resolution), Student Life, Center for Career Readiness, Disability Resource Center, Cultural and Resource Centers and the Counseling Center. 

      The members of the two ASC include: Human Resource Specialists Jennifer Stokes and Desiree Kruise and Accounting Specialists Diana Moore and Elizabeth Buller.

  • Colleen Sonnentag, Ph.D., is now the dean of Students and will continue her work in Community Standards and Conflict Resolution as well as Student Outreach and Support.

  • The Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC) reports to the university’s General Counsel; however, the office remains a close working partner on the UNC Care Team as well as with the Division of Student Affairs, Dean of Students and Community Standards and Conflict Resolution. OIEC is also now responsible for responding to university complaints and student-faculty disputes.

  • Tobias Guzmán, Ed.D., is now the associate vice president of Student Affairs and the chief diversity officer overseeing institutional diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives as well as the Cultural and Resource Centers, Housing and Residential Education and Dining Services.

  • Housing and Residential Education and Dining Services continues to report directly to Jenna Finley, Ed.D., executive director of Student Affairs. Housing and Dining Services established organizational changes that were announced in early August with a launch of their new website.

  • Gardiner “Tuck” Tucker, Ph.D., is the assistant vice president of Student Affairs with Campus Recreation, Dean of Students, Student Life, Center for Career Readiness, Disability Resource Center and Counseling Center directly reporting to him.

  • Evan Welch, M.A., executive director of the Office of Student Life, is pleased to welcome the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) Program as well as coordinate closer ties with Aims Community College through direct connections and support of the Aims2UNC Program.

  • Sherri Frye, M.Ed., organization development specialist, serves to identify and support divisionwide strategic needs, structures and processes focusing on student success and will continue to serve as the Reisher Scholars Program coordinator.

  • Jaqueline Villegas, M.S., director of strategic engagement and communications, reports directly to the AVP and chief diversity officer and serves to bridge division projects with University Advancement and the institution to support university goals.


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