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A group of staff members holidng up award certificates and smiling

Employees Celebrated at Annual Staff Recognition Luncheon

University of Northern Colorado staff were honored during the 52nd annual Staff Recognition Luncheon and Awards Ceremony on Thursday, March 7.

University of Northern Colorado staff were honored during the 52nd annual Staff Recognition Luncheon and Awards Ceremony on Thursday, March 7. 

UNC President Andy Feinstein joined Classified Staff Council Chair Ethan Mondy and Professional Administrative Staff Vice Chair Kendra Schneider in welcoming the staff. During his remarks, Feinstein thanked all dedicated staff members for their commitment in supporting UNC's mission every day. 

"Each [employee] plays an important role in making UNC a desirable place to work and creating a learning environment where students are supported to realize their dreams," Feinstein said. "It is an honor to work alongside so many talented, caring, and passionate staff."

The Professional Administrative Staff Council (PASC)'s Employee of the Year and the Classified Staff Council (CSC)'s Employee of the Year are recognized below.

The event also celebrated the following milestone Years of Service for staff awardees:

  • Five-Year Service Awards
    Edna Arredondo
    Sean Berlier
    Samantha Black
    Matthew Bonds
    Casey Burklow
    Clare Buttry
    Martina Castillo
    Tracey Clay
    Andy Feinstein
    Mary Garcia
    Melinda Gurule
    Erin Haida
    Zach Hamersley
    Rosalie Harding
    Deanna Herbert
    Cat Hildebrand
    Crystal Ibarra Santoyo
    Trevor Lucas
    Jared McCammon
    Jennifer McDermott
    Brandy McWhirt
    Mandy Moncayo
    Gloria Orozco Lara
    Laura Ortega Marquez
    Rosanna Parks
    Josh Purdy
    Charles Riley
    Giavoni Riley
    Olivia Rios
    JR Rodriguez
    Becca Romine
    Shawn Sanchez
    Sterling Swanson
    Rebecca Thompson
    Darin Thrun
    Grace Turner
    Shawna Turner
    Gwendolen Vandenberg
  • 10-Year Service Awards
    Cory Adolf
    Luz Aleman
    Christopher Bowers
    Jediah Cummins
    Darren Dunn
    Chris Garcia
    Sandy Gelatt
    Donna Goodwin
    Betsy Kienitz
    Michael Larson
    Nathaniel Michno
    Bill Nauroth
    Brooks Pardew
    Flora Powells
    Andrea Taylor
    Stan Tutsman
    Shawna Watson
  • 15-Year Service Awards
    Susan Allen
    Brian Allison
    Eli Blackwell
    Mitchell Eckhardt
    Mark Ehrlick
    Michelle Heiny
    Michelle McDermott
    Ann O'Connor
    Patricia Olson
    Mary Rangel
    Manuela Rodriguez
    Steven Sanchez
    Timothy Stitt
    Ana Williams
  • 20-Year Service Awards
    Glenn Adams
    Jack Bauer
    Ron Bennett
    Mary Castillo
    Angel Gorman
    Bryan Hogsett
    Eric Rees
    Timothy Roberts
    Brad Sharp
    Frank Skufca
    Anne Toewe
    Jason Willis
  • 25-Year Service Awards
    JoAnn Doherty
    Gary Graybill
    Deborah Hatch
    Robyn Hess
    Melissa Hoffner
    Katriesa Hojio
    Geri Landwehr
    Francisco Loera
    Tina Longoria
    Diane Lukassen
    Chris Marston
    Susan Pryor
    Teresa Schmidt
    Sarah Vaughn
  • 30-Year Service Awards
    Bob Cooper
    Keyleigh Gurney
    June Moreno
    Jennifer Stokes
  • 35-Year Service Awards
    John Twining

Both classified and professional staff were honored for their contributions to students and the university.

  • Classified Staff of the Year Nominations
    Natasha Floersch 
    Bobby Gallegos 
    James Medina 
    Lucinda Ogden 
    Roni Secord 
    Conne Villalobos 
  • Professional Staff of the Year Nominations
    Adam Alirez 
    Ali Barnhart 
    Megan Bauer 
    Lori Brachtenbach 
    Kayla Cain 
    Vanessa Chavez 
    Beckie Croissant 
    Abby Froom 
    Cristóbal Garcia 
    Alex Hilton 
    Betsy Kienitz 
    Imani Lindberg 
    Miranda Martino 
    M’lyn Miller 
    Andrew Moore 
    Robert Myers 
    Scott Newkirk 
    Erika Pep Hanson 
    José Davíd Reynoza 
    Janice Riegal 
    Lori Riley 
    Rebbecca Romine 
    Sheridan Snapp 
    Cheryl Sparks 
    Cristin Turner 

For those that attended the event, fill out a brief survey below to help continually improve this event for UNC employees. The survey will remain open through April 7, 2024.

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