UNC Approved Email

Legitimate Email

From: Wells Fargo

Subject: Either... 

  • Commercial Electronic Office (CEO) Portal Alert: Password Reset Notification
  • Commercial Electronic Office (CEO) Portal Alert: User ID Disablement Notification.

Sample Messages:

Dear XXXX,

This message confirms that you have created a new CEO portal password for company ID ending in XXX.

If you are unaware of these changes, please contact your client service officer or call 1-800-AT-WELLS (1-800-289-3557).

Dear XXX,

Your CEO Portal User ID for company ID ending in XXX is scheduled to be disabled on XX/XX/XXXX.

If your user ID is disabled, you will have to contact your Administration administrator or client service officer to get a new password.

To prevent disablement of your ID, change your password before XX/XX/XXXX.

Reset your password by signing on to the CEO Portal and following the prompts to change your password.

Or on the portal Sign On page, select the Forgot Password? link.

To view the CEO Portal Password Tutorial, visit the CEO portal Sign On page, and select the Password Reset Tutorial link.

This is a legitimate email. If users do not login to the system for a certain amount of time, their online account is disabled. You may need to reset password (every six months).

For more info please contact:

  • Morgan Gray in the PCard & Payment Specialist, Accounts Payable | Purchasing & Contracts area.
    • Carter 1002 | Campus Box 61 | Greeley, CO 80639
    • O: 970-351-1836 | F: 970-351-1142