UNC Approved Email

Legitimate Emails

UNC uses Maxient to distribute communications to offices and faculty across campus. Messages coming from @maxient.com are legitimate emails. Below are some samples of email notifications you may receive. 

From: NAME (via Maxient) <notifications@maxient.com>

Subject: UNC-Official Correspondence from the Office of Institutional Equity or Official Correspondence Regarding Quarantine/Isolation from the Dean of Students Office

Sample Message:

A letter has been issued to you electronically by UNC. Upon clicking the link below, you will be taken to a screen displaying your name and requesting your Access Code, which is your UNC BEAR Number, to ensure confidentiality. Confirm that your name appears on the screen, and then enter your Bear Number.

Your letter will appear in PDF format and should be printed or saved for your records. It will remain accessible through this link for 30 days. If the letter fails to appear, you may need to use a different computer or install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you continue to experience difficulty accessing your letter or wish to confirm the legitimacy of this message, please contact our office at 970-351-4899.

You are responsible for the information contained in the letter.

Other Examples:

Maxient Example 1

Maxient Example 2

For more info please contact:

  • Technical Support Center (TSC)