Phishing Alert

From: XXX XXXXX <> -- The email is coming from a student email address

Subject: Charities Aid Foundation.. ( PART TIME JOB )


Employment Opportunity .( CAF) Charities Aid Foundation. Join our Team .You are invited to participate in a part-time work and study offer for staff and students. It is an opportunity to earn $350 weekly working in your free time. This job is flexible and will not affect your current job or studies.

*Position: Personal Assistant/Errand.
*Type: Part-Time Job
*Pay:$350 weekly
*Hours: Work in your free time. 3hours in Day.

 CLICK HERE  for further details or to sign up.

Best Regards.  

Additional Information:

UNC is the target of a new phishing scam. Users are sent, what appears to be, a message from student email address. You can report phishing emails by selecting the Report Message button in the Outlook ribbon or the Junk button in web email.

If you are a victim of this scam, you should:

  • Cease communication with the person, and contact the UNC Police Department at 970-351-2245.
  • Report the incident on the Stop Fraud Colorado site, and visit to go through the report, recover and reinforce process.