This guideline is in place to define which faculty and staff employees are eligible to receive refresh computers through the Campus Computer Refresh Program.

This guideline applies to the majority of full-time Administrative, classified, and faculty who are listed in Banner as a full-time employee and have 173.33 hours per pay period.

  • Definitions

    CCR – Campus Computer Refresh Program

    Full-Time EmployeePosition number occupied by the employee must be listed as a “FT” and “173.33” Hours Per Pay in Banner.

    Part-Time EmployeePosition number occupied by employee is listed as “PT” and a value less than “173.33” in Banner.

    Asset TagUnique identifier that is associate with each UNC owned computer.

    UNC ComputerA state owned computer and maintained by UNC.

    Fiscal Year (FY)UNC Fiscal Year (July 1st through June 30th).

    Docking Station A device that when connected to a laptop provides desktop functionality.

    Workstation Setup- Computer, docking station, up to two functioning monitors and necessary adapters.

    Trickledown ComputerA previously used computer that can be requested from IM&T for use by a user or within a department who is not eligible for the Campus Computer Refresh Program.

    Replacement Employee PositionA newly hired position that is replacing a preexisting position.

    PC/Apple Standard Costs – The set amount allocated for either a PC or Apple computer purchase.

  • Eligibility
    • Existing full-time employee positions will receive a new computer every 5 years.
      • IM&T will fund the repair of replacement computers for devices that fail prior to the 5-year lifecycle.
    • New full-time employee positions and replacement positions will be issued a computer that is less than 2 years old.
    • Full-time employee positions are limited to one primary computer through the CCR program.
      • For a full-time employee to receive a refresh computer they must return the previous device to IM&T, regardless of the funding source (department purchase or refresh program purchase). These returned devices will be placed into the trickledown program.
    • Full-Time employees that do not require the use of an individual computer (in areas such as Facilities and Dining) may not be eligible for CCR. IM&T will work directly with department leadership to determine eligibility.
  • Details
    • CCR computers must adhere to the following requirements:
      • Purchased through UNC’s contracted vendors (Dell & Apple) by the IM&T Tech Center
    • Each computer on the CCR will include a workstation setup.
      • If IM&T has determined that a monitor has reached end of life it will be swapped out with a functioning monitor.
      • If a second workstation setup is needed for remote working or multiple office locations on campus the department will need to order & pay for the additional items through the IM&T Tech Center.
      • Replacement positions will need to reuse the existing positions workstation setup unless determined end of life by IM&T.
    • If the preferred computer configurations will not meet the employee’s technical business needs, a custom configuration request can be submitted from the IM&T Support Portal.
      • Once the request is received it will be reviewed by Desktop Support Management. Management will evaluate the requested computer specifications and work with the employee to determine the optimal configuration. Management will then work with the Dean of AVP to get approval for the custom computer.
      • If the employee is approved to receive a custom configured computer any additional costs outside of the PC or Apple standard costs will need to be paid for by the employee’s department.
    • Peripherals in addition to those listed above will need to be ordered & paid for by the department following the Institutional Technology Purchase process. (Some examples of additional peripherals are speakers, webcams, headsets, wireless keyboard/mouse)
    • Part-time employees can request to receive a trickledown computer from IM&T or a computer can be purchased for them by their department.
    • Devices not purchased through CCR are excluded from the refresh program. The following devices are excluded:
      • Tablets/iPads
      • Shared department computers
      • Departmental/grant purchased computers
  • New Employees
    • Managers can submit a request for a new hire when the position has posted. 
    • To submit a request, login to the IM&T Support Portal and select the "CLICK HERE" button in the yellow Order Equipment box.
    • New Hire Computer Request Form can be located on the top left under CCR Guideline Information.

Please contact the helpdesk with any questions regarding eligibility for the CCR Program