UNC works to keep our fleet of computers as up to date as possible by providing new computers to full time faculty and staff who work within departments that participate in the CCR program.  Eligible computers are refreshed every five years by IMT.  When your device is eligible you will be sent an email from our system asking you to complete the process of requesting a computer refresh.     

To determine if your device is eligible please visit our help portal and select the "CLICK HERE" button in the Order Equipment box. In the top left you will see which devices are assigned to you and what the refresh date for the device is.  If your device does not have a date, it is not eligible for the refresh program.   

The following computer devices are not eligible for refresh:

  • Devices assigned to a part time staff or faculty (Adjunct) 
  • Devices assigned to a department for GA/TA or general use 
  • Devices assigned to an employee of a non-participating department 
  • Secondary devices assigned to an employee of a participating department
    • Only a single device per employee is eligible for the refresh program

If you have a device that is not eligible for refresh that is not functional due to age or condition please see our information on the IMT Trickle Down computer program 

Please contact the helpdesk with any questions regarding eligibility for the CCR Program