This guideline is in place to define which administrative, classified, or faculty employees are eligible to receive refresh computers through the Campus Computer Refresh Program (CCR).

  • Definitions

    CCR – Campus Computer Refresh Program

    Eligible CCR Employee – Administrative, classified, or faculty whose primary position in Banner is greater than 0.51 job FTE.

    Ineligible CCR Employee – Administrative, classified, or faculty whose primary position in Banner is less than or equal to 0.51 job FTE, or employees who do not use a computer for daily work such as certain employees within Dining and Facilities Management.

    CCR Preferred Configurations – Pre-configured laptop(s) based on the work requirements of the majority of eligible CCR employees and a 5-year lifecycle. Note that configurations can change due to supply chain issues with contracted vendors.

    • Dell laptop - Precision 3480- 14” non-touch screen, i7 processor, 16GB memory, 256GB HD
    • Apple laptop - Apple MacBook Air – 13” screen, M2 chip, 8GB memory, 512GB HD

    Custom ConfigurationAny computer that is outside the specs of the CCR preferred configurations.

    UNC ComputerA university-owned computer maintained by UNC.

    Trickledown ComputerA previously used computer that can be requested from IM&T for use by those ineligible for the CCR program.

  • General Guidelines
    • All computers and tablets must be purchased by IM&T’s Tech Center and through UNC’s contracted vendors (Dell & Apple).

    • If a remote employee is unable to physically come to the Greeley campus to pick up/drop off their computer equipment the department will be fully responsible for packaging and shipping the equipment.

    • The following devices are excluded from the refresh program:

      • Tablets/iPads
      • Shared department computers
      • Departmental/grant-purchased computers
    • When an employee leaves the university, they are required to turn in their UNC computer(s) to IM&T.

  • Eligible CCR Employees
    • Eligible CCR Employees are allowed one computer through the CCR program.
      • The refresh date is calculated off the newest computer assigned to the eligible CCR employee, regardless of the funding source – i.e., department purchase or CCR purchase.
    • Eligible CCR Employees will receive a new computer every 5 years.
      • To receive the new CCR computer, the existing computer must be returned to IM&T (regardless of the funding source – i.e., department purchase or CCR purchase).
        • Returned devices will be placed into the trickledown program for ineligible CCR employees.
    • New eligible CCR employees will be issued a computer that is less than 2 years old.
    • If an eligible CCR employee transfers jobs/positions, they keep their current CCR computer.
    • Each computer through CCR will include the following:
      • Laptop (preferred configuration)
      • Docking station or HUB monitor (HUB monitor is in lieu of docking station and standard monitor)
      • One standard monitor (only if the eligible CCR employee does not have an existing monitor or if it is too old/not functioning
    • IM&T will fund the repair or replacement of CCR computers that fail prior to the 5-year lifecycle. IM&T will attempt to replace computers older than 5 years that fail with a trickledown computer.
    • The CCR program does not include the following:
      • Secondary dock (for remote or multiple office locations)
      • Second/Third Monitor(s)
      • Peripherals (keyboard, mouse, webcam, headset, etc.)
    • Any computer requests outside of the preferred configurations will be considered a custom configuration, and the upgrade costs must be funded by the eligible CCR employee’s department.
  • Ineligible CCR Employees
    • Ineligible CCR employees can request to receive a trickledown computer from IM&T or a computer can be purchased by the department through IM&T’s Tech Center.
    • TA/GA/SEMP’s can request a trickledown computer to be used as a shared department device if inventory allows.

Please contact the helpdesk with any questions regarding eligibility for the CCR Program