Administrative web access to course registration, admission, student accounts receivable and financial aid administrative functions.
How do I access Banner?
  1. Log into Ursa
  2. Select the Employee tab at the top
  3. Under Employeee Important Links section select Production Banner Admin Pages
Supervisors may use these links to request specific access to Banner for their employees. These links will take you to OnBase, where you can log in with your First.Last username and password.
  • Finance Module - used by Finance and Accounting
  • Financial Aid Module - scholarship information, FAFSA access, Financial Aid counselors
  • HR/Payroll Module - EPAF, approving leave time, proxy for users who approve leave time
  • Student Module - Faculty/Advisor role, Degree Works access, looking up student information, athletic eligibility, SSN and DOB information (proof of PII/FERPA training required)

Banner Keyboard Shortcuts

Available for – Faculty, Staff