Matthew Goetzel 


Matt Goetzel

Team Mission: 

Data Engineering & Solutions Delivery (DESD) consists of the Business Intelligence & Data Engineering (BIDE) team and the Business Analysis & Application Support (BAAS) team. DESD’s mission is to analyze and disseminate information in support of strategic planning, data-informed decision-making, and compliance reporting; to support various applications used across campus; and to streamline business processes for a diverse group of functional users and stakeholders. DESD strives to provide information of the highest quality to UNC constituents and to ensure that this information is insightful, understandable, timely, and easily accessible.

  • BAAS
    Business analysis & Application support

    Norman Bailey - Assistant Director

    • Casey Burklow
    • Robert Carver
    • Andrew Moore
    • Guillermo Sanchez
  • BIDE
    Business Intelligence & Data Engineering

    Derek Herbert- Assistant Director

    • Steven Dougherty
    • Joy Elder
    • Mark Gonzales
    • Matthew McWhirter
  • Enrollment Data
    Enrollment Data
    • Steven Dougherty

For more information, check out the BIDE Portal