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Information Management and Technology

Strategic Plan

This strategic plan is part of a comprehensive plan to align the Information Management and Technology (IM&T) department with UNC's nine core plans.  IM&T is committed to meeting the expectations of students, faculty and staff through shared governance.

IM&T's goal is to support campus by providing efficiencies through technology.  This is accomplished by:

  • Providing the campus with infrastructure that is scalable and efficient
  • Reducing unnecessary complexities and fully utilizing systems already in place
  • Consolidating and standardizing IT infrastructure to reduce costs through economies of scale
  • Utilizing long term planning to forecast technology needs
  • Reducing unexpected technology expenditures
  • Utilizing our procurement process to hold vendors accountable and to protect our assets

IM&T strives to provide resources and support to cover an ever expanding service catalog.  IM&T adopts new technologies that support academic missions and streamline administrative activities.  IM&T will continue to evaluate the utilization of both academic and administrative hardware and software technologies.  As cloud systems and services continue to grow in popularity, IM&T assess the level of service, security and cost associated with moving to the cloud.  IM&T leverages the potential to build in greater business continuity and backup solutions through cloud opportunities.

Security operates with a risk based decision assessment to drive layers of protection for campus while balancing productivity and security best practices.  IM&T collaborates with campus to build a culture that is aware of current and potentially threatening cyber activity.