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Filing your Thesis, Capstone or Dissertation

After defending, file one electronic copy of the thesis, capstone or dissertation to Carol Steward in the Graduate School for review and final approval. Most require at least some revisions, please do not bring all four final copies until you have received approval from the Graduate School.

What's Next?

The review copy is read by two people in the Graduate school for format and to assure that it meets University standards.

Corrections are commonly requested at this point, please wait for final approval from the Graduate School before binding copies are printed. The Graduate School will email necessary changes to you.

The Benefits of Electronic Submission

  • Ease of access. Students may submit work from any online computer anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.
  • Saves paper. The process after defense is completely paperless. (All students must still present hard copies after the review edits have been made.)
  • Easy Payment. Students pay all fees online directly to through your UNC account.
  • Students save the cost of reproducing draft copies on paper. The final copies are still required to be bound for the University and Student.

Document Naming

Document Naming requirements for filing your electronic thesis, capstone or dissertation: Last Name.First Initial.Date sent to Graduate School

  • E.g.: Sample.C.10.08.08
  • If sending more than one document, the preliminary pages should be named: prelim.Sample.C.10.08.08

Submitting Your Document for Review

Fill out and submit the Submission Form to trigger the review and approval process. The form has been renamed following the naming guidelines.

Electronic Copy

Send electronic copy to carol.steward@unco.edu in no more than two MS Word documents (the preliminary pages and the dissertation) or preferably in a single pdf document.

Paper Copy

Bring one copy of thesis or dissertation on plain paper to the Graduate School for approval prior to making all of your final copies.

Submitting Your Final Copies

  1. Make edits as requested in the Graduate School Review (do not print until you fill out all final forms).
      • The paper should have a watermark (such as Southworth Exceptional Business or Resume paper)
      • 20 lb. paper is recommended. If you print on 24 lb. or heavier paper, you will be charged $5 extra per copy for binding.
  2. Print three copies on plain 20 lb. copy paper, use whatever quality white paper you choose.
      • 20 lb. paper is recommended. If you print on 24 lb. or heavier paper, you will be charged $5 extra per copy for binding.
  3. Deliver final copies of thesis or dissertation and the final forms to Carol Steward in Carter Hall, Office 2007

Printing Alternatives

Printed copies must be made from a high quality printer and be free of stray lines and smudges. If you would rather contact a Greeley copy business to print out your manuscript, that is also acceptable, as long as they can print one copy on the cotton paper.

The Graduate School cannot pick up copies, the printer must have delivery service to Carter Hall Office 2007, or you should find someone reliable to deliver the final copies to us. If they are not in good condition, you will be required to reprint.

The Graduate School must have all copies and all final forms completed by graduation day in order to release your degree confirmation and final transcript.

Ordering Additional Copies

If you want additional copies for friends and family, bring additional copies to be bound. Your UNC account will be charged for the binding. Additional information regarding the binding of your manuscript can be found on the Thesis and Dissertation Handling Fee Schedule page.

Mailing Instructions

If you are not able to deliver the manuscript copies in person, pack them carefully for shipping to avoid additional expenses.

Shipping Your Manuscripts

Place manuscripts neatly in a box.

Place manuscript neatly in a box with a lid made specifically for paper or hold all pages in paper wrap and tape securely so manuscript does not shift at all. (Plastic wrap works too!)

Package your manuscript with care.

Package your manuscripts with care; this is the legacy of your hard work!

Place smaller paper box within a well-padded larger box.

Place smaller paper box within a well padded larger box.

Tape Box and ship to:
University of Northern Colorado
Graduate School
501 20th Street
Campus Box 135
Greeley, CO 80639-0064

Please note: Manuscripts sent in the condition of the examples below will not be accepted!!

Don't let this happen to your manuscript.

Don't let this happen to your manuscript!

Manuscripts in this condition will not be accepted.

Manuscripts in this condition will not be accepted.

This was shipped without anything to keep papers in place, resulting in torn and bent pages.

This was shipped without anything to keep papers in place — resulting in torn and bent pages and double the printing/shipping expense.