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Filing your Thesis, Scholarly Research Project or Dissertation

After defending, email one electronic copy of the thesis, capstone or dissertation to Carol Steward in the Graduate School for review and final approval. Most require at least some revisions. Do not bring printed copies for review.

Submitting Your Document for Review

Fill out and email the following to Carol.Steward@unco.edu from your UNC email after your committee has approved and signed your signature pages.

  • Electronic Copy of thesis, scholarly research project or dissertation in a single document. Name your document using your last and first name and the date you are turning it in. Do the same with revisions, using the most current date for the revised version.
  • Verification of Research Subject Compliance Form
  • IRB or IACUC Approval
  • Processing Form
  • Signed signature pages: Adobe Verified Signatures are required from your committee. A signature page template will be emailed to your student email with instructions once your request to schedule your defense has been approved. The signed signature template does not get embedded within your dissertation, it is kept on file with your graduation records.

What's Next?

The review copy is read by two people in the Graduate school for format and to assure that it meets university standards.

Corrections are commonly requested at this point, please wait for final approval from the Graduate School before requesting a letter of completion. The Graduate School will email necessary changes to you. Revisions will need to be returned for recheck at least two days before the end of the semester.

  • After approval, a PDF of your thesis, scholarly project or dissertation will be uploaded to digital archives.
  • Complete instructions will be sent in your final approval email.
  • Students will be charged the $85 processing fees through your UNC account at the end of the semester.