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UNC Community Engaged Scholar Awards


Tim Hernandez

UNC Active School Institute

CAP Awardees

Vern, Scottish Rite Foundation

CESS Awardees

Eryka Charley

UNC Active Schools Institute

Kyle Ward

2018 Engaged Scholar Awards

Kim Murza

Faculty Award

Eryka Charley

Staff Award

Rebecca Autrey

Graduate Student Award

Shyanne Heise

Graduate Student Award

Anna Momchilov

Graduate Student Award

Tim Hernández

Undergraduate Student Award

Vern Ingraham

Community Partner Award

Liz Gilbert

Engaged Scholar Fellow

UNC Active Schools Institute

Collective Impact Engagement

2018 Social Science Research Award

Sarah T. Romano

2018 Social Science Research Award Recipient

Past Recipients of the Social Science Research Award

 Past Engaged Scholar Award Recipients 

  • 2017

    Faculty: Michael Kimball Ph.D.

    Staff: Vickki Niccum

    Graduate Student: David Mathieson

    Graduate Student: Savannah Cormier

    Undergraduate Student: Megan Bissell

    Community Partner: Elena Rosenfeld

  • 2016

    Awards for 2016 were awarded through the inaugural Mountain West Engagement Summit, a partnership with Campus Connect of the Mountain West.

    Engaged Scholarship Award: James P. Walsh, Ph.D, University of Colorado Denver

    Peter Simons Engaged Professional Award: Gretchen Wheeler, Casper College Center for Learning

    Engaged Student Award: Deitra Sandy, Red Rocks Community College

  • 2015

    Faculty: Whitney Ducan, Ph. D

    Staff: Patrick McDonald

    Community Partner: Armando Silva

    Graduate Student: Meagan Cain

    Graduate Student: Louise Benke

    Undergraduate Student: Megan Stoneman

  • 2014

    Faculty: Joyce Weil, Ph. D.

    Staff: Sarah A. Berkman

    Community Partner: Greeley Evans School District 6

    Student: Meagan M. Cain