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Annual Progress Review

The goal of our graduate program is to provide doctoral students with the knowledge, tools, and training in the academic discipline of Educational Psychology that will facilitate the transition from graduate school to their postgraduate career. The procedures we have developed for the Doctoral Student Annual Progress Review are compatible with the policy set forth by the Graduate School and found in the Graduate Catalog under Progress Review. Every doctoral student in Educational Psychology will be involved in the Progress Review process each year until such time as the oral comprehensive examination is passed. That is, if you pass your oral comprehensive examination anytime from January 1 of the evaluation year through approximately February 15 of the following year (on or about the day your materials are due), then you will be exempt from the annual progress review process.

The progress review will allow the student to perform a self-evaluation of his or her accomplishments in the previous calendar year and develop a Curriculum Vita. In addition, the student’s advisor and Graduate Committee of the School of Psychological Sciences will provide the student with an evaluation and relevant feedback that will be essential for his or her professional growth and development. A Checklist of Student Accomplishment is available to facilitate completing the form and answering the open-ended questions.