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Vision, Mission, and Values

Mission Statement

The School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Northern Colorado strives to provide high-quality educative experiences to undergraduate and graduate students, to prepare students for future careers, to conduct and disseminate meaningful scholarly products that involve student engagement, and to engage in practices emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in teaching, scholarship, and service. 


Using evidence-based pedagogy supported by ongoing professional development and recent research and best-practices, the School teaches a wide variety of foundational courses in psychological sciences. A dedicated faculty of teacher-scholars with broad expertise provide and value both in- and out-of-class learning experiences, including mentoring in research, teaching, career exploration, professional skills, and community engagement. Our teaching seeks to prepare students to engage with the questions, problems, and issues in their communities and in our increasingly diverse world. 


Our School has a continuing commitment to engagement in scholarship that furthers scientific understanding in psychological sciences, along with an emphasis in training undergraduate and graduate students through mentored research opportunities. We strive to conduct and disseminate research that is meaningful to our discipline, is applicable to societal practices, and contributes to the public good.   

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

The School seeks to maintain a learning environment that is inclusive and respectful of diverse experiences and identities. We use inclusive practices across all aspects of academia including teaching, scholarship, service, and mentorship to empower students and faculty to create deeper understanding of the world through educational experiences and personal and professional opportunities. We strive to acknowledge, address, and ameliorate the historical and ongoing inequity to marginalized individuals in academia and society.