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Educational Psychology M.A.

A master's degree in Educational Psychology is valuable for a diverse population including teachers seeking to develop their own philosophy of instruction and students learning, individuals interested in researching human learning and motivation, consultants wishing to develop expertise in occupational learning, and persons seeking employment in school districts, departments of education, or other education related organizations.

The master's program at UNC is designed to be flexible and authentic. Courses are offered on campus, at off-campus extension sites in Denver and other locations, and online. The degree can be completed in one year or spread out over a longer time period. Core courses are offered during the summer to accommodate teachers’ schedules.

UNC faculty members are dedicated to quality teaching and student advising, while still serving as leaders and scholars in the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the M.A. Program

  • What are the application requirements and how do I apply?
  • How many students are admitted each year?

    There is no set number of students admitted. See the application requirements above.

  • When do I need to apply?

    Applications are processed as they are received. Decisions regarding admission are communicated to the applicant before the beginning of the next semester. Although students may enroll any semester following admission, they are strongly encouraged to begin their program in either the summer or fall term in order to enter the proper sequencing of courses.

    Apply now to the UNC Graduate School.

  • How much will it cost?

    Current tuition rates are available on the Graduate Web site and the Costs Page.

  • Can I complete the degree in one year?

    The degree can be completed within a year, depending on course load. However, it is more typical that students take 3 – 4 courses per semester and therefore, the 30 credits and MA Comprehensive Examination over 3 – 4 semesters of work.

  • Are courses taught online?

    A few courses are taught online, but the majority of courses are taught on campus.

  • Can I earn the M.A. through a strictly online program, too?

    Yes, you can. Go to the UNC Extended Campus website to learn more about our separate Online M.A. program in Educational Psychology: Teaching Applications, which is designed to give teachers access to the latest research on teaching and learning, and which was ranked one of the Best Online Programs in Graduate Education 2015 by U.S. News and World Report.

    The online program emphasizes developing an understanding of how both the brain and the environment influence learning across development, the nature of student motivation, and the role of society and culture in learning. Moreover, the program focuses on practical applications of research to the classroom. An M.A. in Educational Psychology will prepare teachers to effectively address critical tasks such as designing instruction that fosters critical thinking, helping students develop confidence and interest in learning, responding to state mandated tests and curriculum standards, and supporting disadvantaged students.

    Length and nature of the M.A. online program

    • The program is completed in five consecutive semesters.
    • The students take two courses per semester. In the fall and spring semesters, these two courses are taken back-to-back in two 8-week sessions. In the summer semester, the two courses are taken concurrently in a single 8-week session that runs from early June through July.
    • All courses are delivered in an online format.
    • In the last semester, the students complete the M.A. Comprehensive Examination, which involves writing a paper that applies their knowledge of Educational Psychology to a topic or issue that is relevant to their practice as teachers or in other educational settings.

    A cohort model

    This program is offered according to a cohort model in which all students take the courses in the same sequence. All students will register for the same elective course that is offered during the specified semester. The required comprehensive examination will be satisfied by successful completion of the M.A. Project, as set forth in program guidelines.

  • What's the Accelerated (4 + 1) Psychology B.A. and Educational Psychology M.A. degree about?

    Motivated and high-achieving students may seek to complete the requirements for the B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Educational Psychology in five years. To obtain both degrees, students must complete all the requirements for the B.A. described in the Undergraduate Catalog and all of the requirements for the M.A. described in the Graduate Catalog. Read more about it in the UNC Undergraduate Catalog and the UNC Graduate catalog.