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Welcome to the School of Psychological Sciences

Psychological Science—the study of mental processes and behavior —is central to understanding individual and collective humanity today, especially how we are affected by, cope with, and adapt to the complexities of living in a modern world. Perhaps as importantly, applying what we learn from psychological science research, we can address numerous societal challenges, by changing how people view, think about, and interact with their environment, as well as changing the environment itself, to create a better society for all.  Put simply, progress and positive change depends on our understanding of psychological science. At UNC, you will learn how to use the science and practice of Psychology to make a meaningful impact in your life as well as on the lives of those around you. 

Our School offers a BA in Psychology, as well asM.A. and PhD programs in Educational PsychologyOur undergraduate curriculum is designed under the guidance of APA 3.0 undergraduate plan and includes two professional development courses in the first year (UNIV 101, PSY 166) and a field experience (PSY 491) in the junior or senior yearThrough our mentorship program, students at all levels work with faculty to find their career path and work on research projects that help prepare you for your next step, whether it’s a job, career, or graduate school

UNC Graduate Student's Coursework Leads to Plan for New K-6 School

Dr. Kevin Pugh requires graduate students in his Educational Psychology course to develop a proposal for a new school and then present to the class as if they're applying for consideration to school districts. For the first time, a former doctoral student, Courtney Luce, is trying to make her concept a reality. Luce hopes to create a new K-6 school in Greeley for students who don't necessarily thrive in a traditional classroom structure.

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