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Liquor Service

UNC Dining Services manages all liquor licenses on campus and is responsible for the safe serving of alcohol to our campus community and guests.

All managers and bartenders are TIPS Certified (Training for Intervention Procedures) and follow the guidelines for serving patrons over the 21 years of age.

Meal Requirements

Any alcohol service in the University Center or Centennial Hall must be accompanied by a full meal.


A full meal can be any option from the Served Meal options, Lunch or Dinner Buffet, or Specialty Buffet options. Due to the type of liquor license held for these two locations, we are unable to offer alcohol at any event that does not have a full meal offered to all attendees. Events that offer snacks, sandwiches, or appetizers (no matter the quantity or type of appetizers available) are not eligible to have bar or alcohol service.

Length of Bars / Service Hours

  • All alcohol service will end by 11pm.
  • Host Bars will not exceed 2 hours.
  • If a Cash Bar is offered in conjunction with a Host bar, the total length of alcohol service will not exceed 5 hours.
  • Service length for bars and alcohol service must be continuous. No breaks in service time to extend the total length of alcohol at an event will be allowed.

Boundaries of Liquor License

Signs are posted at every exit of the University Center and Centennial Hall which notates alcohol is not permitted outside that boundary. Conversely, outside alcohol may not be brought in to any of our licensed facilities. This would include: gifts of wine, beer, or spirituous liquors, flasks, or any kind of alcohol in any way, shape, or form.

Repercussions of Violating Liquor Rules and Laws

If outside alcohol is brought in and passes the boundary of the liquor license, the item will be confiscated. If the problem persists, UNC Police will ask the patron to leave the event. If blatant violations occur, which could include, but is not limited to, several guests bringing in alcohol, or taking alcohol outside the boundaries of the liquor license, buying alcohol for persons not 21 years of age or above, or several patrons exhibiting the signs of intoxication, the event may be shut down. No refunds will be given if the event is shut down by the UNC Police Department.

Donation of Alcohol

Any requests for donation of alcohol must be submitted to the Assistant Director of Dining Services at least four weeks prior to event date, by filling out the Donation Alcohol Request Form.

Rules and Regulations

  • Donations of alcohol must be from a Colorado wholesaler, Brew Pub, or Winery that possesses a current license to distribute. Donations from a retail liquor store are not allowed.
  • Donations must be made to an organization that is incorporated under the laws of this state for non-profit purposes, including but not limited to, social, fraternal, patriotic, political, educational or athletic purposes, and not for pecuniary gain. Any donation of alcohol must be for fundraising purposes of the non-profit.
  • Tickets may be sold for events with donated alcohol as long as the fee is the same for anyone attending the event, regardless of whether they consume alcohol or not.
  • UNC Catering must provide the bartenders for any service of alcohol. Events will be charged for additional labor to provide this service.

Please contact your event planner if you have additional questions.