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Additional Items / Services For Purchase

Most food orders through UNC Catering include service ware in the pricing. If there is no service ware included and you would like to add some on to your order, we can accommodate.

Additional Items Available for Purchase

  • 9" Plastic Plate = $3 per guest needed
  • 6" Plastic Plate = $2 per guest needed
  • Plastic / Hot Cup = $2 per guest needed
  • Plastic Fork, Spoon or Knife = $1 per guest needed
  • Paper Napkin = $1 per guest needed
  • Plastic Beer Cup (16 oz)
  • Linen Tablecloth, Round or Rectangle
  • Linen Napkin
  • Breakfast Buffet Upgrade: Upgrade from buffet to a served meal (additional fee per meal)
  • Buffet Upgrade: Bread Basket to each guest table (vs having bread on the buffet) = $8 per basket
  • Buffet Upgrade: Water pitcher and/or Iced Tea pitcher to each guest table (vs on a drink station that comes with buffets) = $6 per pitcher plus additional labor charges pending refresh and service

Labor & Delivery Fees

All catering delivered on campus (except the University Center, Campus Commons and Centennial Hall) will automatically be charged a delivery fee.

  • Delivery Fee, on campus (University Center, Campus Commons and Centennial Hall only) – No charge
  • Delivery Fee, on campus (Anywhere except University Center, Campus Commons and Centennial Hall) - $25 per delivery
  • Delivery Fee for events not at University of Northern Colorado - $50 plus $5 per mile for more than a 10-mile radius
  • University Security as required - $50 per officer, per hour
  • Additional requested staffing - $20 per person, per hour
  • Additional requested bartender - $25 per person, per hour
  • Off-Site Chef fee (applied to off-site events when requested menu or service requires a chef present at the event to prep, cook, garnish or assemble food) - $25 per hour per chef
  • Plating Fee, off-site served meal - $4 per plate
  • Early or Extended/Late Set-Up Fee - $100 per hour or $20 per labor hour, whichever is greater. This fee will be applied if the event requires the tables to be dressed (place settings, napkins, buffet dressings, etc. with the exception of table linens) more than two hours prior to guest arrival time or official event start time. Fee will also be applied if clean up cannot start until 30 minutes (or more) after the event was supposed to conclude.
  • Special diet additions on buffets will be for the full count of guests. (Example: There is an additional charge per guest for gluten-free pasta. If there are 75 guests, then the additional charge for the gluten-free pasta would apply to all 75.)

Changes Made Outside Timeline

Changes made outside of the timeline will be assessed charges as follows:
Note: Changes made to menu, special diet requirements, or guest counts are based on product availability.

  • Ten or more business days (by noon) prior to event (not including day of the event)
    • Changes to menu, special diet requirements and/or count, or guest count
    • No charge
  • Seven – nine business days prior to event (not including day of the event)
    • Changes to menu, special diet requirements and/or count, or guest count
    • 1.25 times the menu price
  • One - six business days prior to the event (not including day of the event)
    • Changes to menu, special diet requirements and/or count, or guest count
    • 1.5 times the menu price
  • Day of the event
    • Changes to menu, special diet requirements and/or count or guest count
    • For plated meals, any special dietary need that is requested on the day of the event will be charged $30 per plate
    • 2 times the menu prices
    • If requests are made for additional meals the day of the event, charges will be based on the count given to the event planner plus the additional requests during day of event
  • Anytime
    • Linen requirement changes
    • Base fee
    • Although there is not an additional charge for changes, we will accommodate based upon availability. Please plan ahead as we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet any change requests


If your event needs to be canceled, please inform us no less than ten business days (by noon) from the scheduled catered event. If we are notified of your cancellation after this deadline, you will be responsible for expenses already incurred by UNC Catering.

If your event is canceled for any reason (other than an official university closure), charges will be incurred based on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the event planners and catering managers.