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"We Feed The Bears!"

You have a lot on your mind, and the schedule you keep can be hectic. Our meal plans were made for you! Having a meal plan allows you the convenience to enjoy meals in any of our dining rooms on campus. Use your Dining Dollars at any of our Retail Dining locations, and you have even more choices.

Bear Bites: Online Dining Room Menus

The Bear Bites online menus are more than just daily menus for the dining rooms. You can also look at nutritional information and use the filter to exclude allergens or specific dietary restrictions.

Bear Bites is a tool that can help you navigate the dining rooms when you have specific dietary needs, but if you have had severe allergic reactions in the past, we encourage you to speak with a manager.

Our Registered Dietitian, Matthew Doyle, is also available to help you any time. Contact him at matthew.doyle@unco.edu or 970-351-1961.

students in Holmes Dining Hall

Dining Room Options

Navigating through life can be challenging, but making time for healthy, tasty, and nutritious meals shouldn't have to be. Having a meal plan gives you the convenience of enjoying meals at any of our dining rooms on campus. Our dining rooms offer a large variety of foods, including fresh fruits and veggies, comfort food, vegetarian and vegan options, allergen-free options, and much more. There are also to go options if you don't have time to sit down and eat with us in the dining room.

Daily dining room menus are posted online, so be sure to take a look at the Bear Bites menus to see what's on the menu at each location. They're also on the UNC app, so download it today.

Hungry and don't know which dining room to try? Each location has their own specialty and atmosphere -- no two locations are the same. You're not required to eat at any one specific location, so you really should try them all. Dining Room hours of operation and locations

Dining Dollars

In a rush and just want a cup of coffee and a bagel? Use your Dining Dollars in any of our Retail Dining locations across campus. Dining Dollars are very handy to have loaded onto your UNC Card, so you don't have to worry about having cash on hand. Retail Dining hours of operation and locations

Registered Dietitian Available

Do you have any specific dietary issues that you need us to know about? Event if you think it's just a "simple" allergy or intolerance that doesn't cause many issues for you, it's a good idea to tell us about it. Find out more information on our Dietary Accommodations page.

We can typically accommodate most dietary requests, but we recommend you speak with our Registered Dietitian about it first. Not only will he be able to tell you what Dining Services can offer you, but he can also show you around the locations to make sure you're comfortable with your options. To make an appointment, please contact Matthew Doyle, RDN, at 970-351-1961 or matthew.doyle@unco.edu.