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Technical Assistance and Partnerships

The primary mission of the Bresnahan-Halstead Center is to work for the
advancement of knowledge and quality service for individuals with disabilities and their families through research, evaluation, professional development, technical assistance, partnerships, and student scholarships/financial assistance.

As part of this mission, the Bresnahan-Halstead Center fosters and supports partnerships between faculty in the School of Special Education, state agencies, local education agencies or organizations that serve individuals with disabilities and/or their families. Funds are available to remunerate faculty for providing the technical assistance.

Application Guidelines

  1. Read application guidelines.
  2. Download application.
  3. Download Technical Assistance/Partnerships evaluation form.

Recently Funded Projects

The Bresnahan-Halstead Center supported technical assistance and partnership activities of the following faculty members of the School of Special Education at UNC:

  • John Luckner, Brittany Dorn, and Kaitlyn Millen: Summer Day Program for Students Who are D/HH in Greeley-Evans Schools. This partnership between the Center and Weld School District 6 funded a structured 4-day summer program for students who are D/HH (ESY and non-ESY qualified) to develop self-determination skills.  The program, taught by two certified teachers for students who are D/HH, provided students with targeted skills practice using self-advocacy interventions and interaction among students who are D/HH. Self-determination skills, shown through research, lead and contribute to positive school/adult outcomes.
  • Todd Sundeen: Partnership with CBOCES. In partnership with CBOCES, Sundeen will provide consultant support and technical assistance to develop logic model and conduct pre/post data collection and data analysis as well as provide the technical assistance and resources for professional development and CBOCES goal attainment in achieving 80% level of special education students in general education classes for 80% of each school day by 2019. 
  • Kristine Melloy: Provided technical assistance in the form of professional development to 160 paraprofessionals in the Thompson School District, Loveland, Colorado, and 40 paraprofessionals in the Pueblo 70 School District in “Positive Proactive Behavior Strategies.” The professional development consisted of two PD sessions at each site, with reported findings based upon quantitative and qualitative data collected regarding the impact of the sessions on the paraprofessionals.
  • Jason Robinson: Provided two 2-hour training sessions to 80 paraprofessionals (40 per session) in the Thompson School District, Loveland, Colorado, on collaboration with their fellow educators to enhance communication among them to facilitate positive classroom learning communities in addition to providing them with practical strategies for enhancing their direct work with students with disabilities.
  • Todd Sundeen: Provided a one-day June Educator Training (JET) for teachers in Centennial BOCES that included training in inclusion, co-teaching/co-planning strategies for inclusive classrooms, and UDL for inclusive classrooms
  • Lori Peterson: Provided follow-up assistance/refresher training in using TGAP (basic structure and process) to transition professionals in writing compliant IEP goals and transition components. This PD was offered in a three-hour format to professionals enabling their attendance that did not interrupt their practice, with a follow-up offered via technology/DL if necessary.
  • Robin Brewer: Provided two hands-on professional development sessions to personnel in Thompson School District, Loveland, Colorado, and two in the Pueblo 70 School District on (1) Supporting Students with Autism: Myths, Facts, Strategies, and Resources and (2) Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive: Developing Accommodations and Modifications on the Fly. Participating paraprofessionals will leave with materials they can use when working with students with autism/significant support needs.
  • PEAK Parent Center: The Center provided 6 full scholarships ($199) to families of students with disabilities to attend the 2017 PEAK Parent Center Conference in Denver, Colorado.  This annual conference brings together family members, general and special educators, and administrators to learn about and promote inclusive education for ALL learners.  Through these scholarships, parents can participate in collaborative efforts that boost the capacity and achievement through accessible curriculum in the school that is accessible to all students.