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December 12, 2016

Confetti is swept. Finals are graded. Campus has fallen quiet enough to hear the snowflakes fall outside Gunter.

With many cheers, hugs and tears, more than 700 Bears celebrated graduation last week. Nearly 12,000 others finished off finals week and headed home for a much needed break. Plans are being made for next semester and beyond.

Graduation can at times seem unattainable for many students. Even returning next semester may look uncertain for some. Roadblocks to success can come in many forms. Now more than ever, we’re focused on our commitment to the support and success of every UNC student.

That’s where you can help. YOU can give them the gift of a bright future. As you consider your year-end giving plans, consider giving to Bears. Your support helps ensure all Bears have access to a UNC education and provides meaningful financial relief when their focus should be on the work at hand.

Learn more about the Impact of Giving

Your generosity can help recruit the next generation of Bears and graduate tomorrow’s teachers, healthcare providers, entrepreneurs and community leaders.

In this season of thanks and giving, thank you for thinking of UNC and believing in the power of philanthropy … the difference we can make by investing in the future, together.

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UNC Student


Our number one priority is student scholarships, to ensure that every student at UNC has an opportunity at success. Equal access coupled with one-on-one interactions between faculty and students, the result is a transformative educational experience that produces graduates highly qualified for work in industry, or for continuing studies in graduate school or post-graduate schools.

UNC researcher


Research conducted by faculty and students at UNC – from improving cancer treatments to using computer models to help prevent traumatic brain injury, to testing new and emerging teaching methods – is making great strides toward promoting human understanding and enriching lives on a global scale.

UNC Campus Commons

Campus Commons

Built to ensure student success, the Campus Commons will provide a one-stop, interconnected student support center. It will be a singular gateway to the heart of UNC – your point of welcome, connection and synergy with students, alumni and community members. It will host thousands of prospective students and their families to campus each year and house a standing ovation-worthy performance hall and art gallery.

(Originally published on the archived Bear Den tumblr blog)