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Congratulations Class of 2017

UNC Spring 2017 Commencement

Lyndsey CrumLyndsey Crum
May 08, 2017

Dear Class of 2017,

Twelve years ago, I sat where you sat, I stood where you stood, and I celebrated what you celebrated – graduation from the University of Northern Colorado.

Graduation is an exciting time, and may end up being one of your favorite UNC memories.  It was for me, a first generation student, covered in the leis that my mother shipped from our home in Hawaii.

But after the energy of the day dies down, reality begins to set in and you ask yourself ‘Now what?’

You may or may not have a job lined up; you may or may not plan on moving; you may plan on graduate school, med school or any number of other next steps.  After graduation, you being to realize that you have many choices and options laying in front of you.  And of course, everyone has advice to share.

At the risk of being one more person to offer you advice, I advise you to stay connected to UNC and here’s why: 

When you graduate, chances are that you will begin a career that will take you away from campus.  You will spend your time with colleagues who didn’t walk past Gunter on the way to TK; who didn’t sit outside Candeleria between classes or pass through McKee breezeway.  They may smile when you tell them about your college experience, but they won’t have a shared sense of place or pride.

After a while you begin to miss being around fellow Bears; and this is why you should stay connected to UNC as a recent graduate. Fellow alumni are your support system when you begin to feel home sick for UNC (yes, that can happen) but more importantly they are the built in network that you will use each step and stage in life.

So, with infinite choices now in front of you, I encourage you to make the easy one and stay connected to UNC. 

As a graduate, you are automatically a member of the UNC Alumni Association. No dues, just you and your fellow Bears participating in programs, accessing services and building a stronger network together.

With a full career ahead of you, and many future choices to make, we took the guess work out of graduation and made you a quick check-list of what to do next.

Recent Graduate Check-List

Remember Class of 2017, no matter where life takes you next, you'll always be a Bear.


Lyndsey Crum '05
Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations
Once a Bear, Always a Bear!