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Who are you grateful for at UNC?

Appreciation Week

Lyndsey CrumLyndsey Crum
April 05, 2017

Who are you grateful for at UNC?

UNC is one of those places – I think you’ll agree – that carries a special place in your heart. And so often our fondest memories are tied to a person – a friend, a favorite professor, or beloved team coach.

It’s these uncommon bonds that help us manage the up’s and down’s of college and ultimately succeed at UNC.

It is no small task to complete a college degree and set out on building a life after graduation. And that task would be insurmountable but for the support of the faculty, staff and your fellow Bears. That’s why you are invited to join the UNC community in honoring those who made your experience special when you celebrate Appreciation Week this April.

Appreciation Week has become an inspiring annual tradition at UNC, and this year it takes place April 10-14. Through thank you notes and special acts of kindness shared all week, our students express their gratitude to the individuals who make UNC special.  Notes like this one from UNC senior Jewel Mahoe express the gratitude that comes from our university community:

“I have met so many people at UNC who have supported me, motivated me, and have helped me define and pursue my career goals. I am most grateful for Krista and Karen, the directors of the McNair Scholars program. They push me to succeed academically, guide me in applying for graduate school, and encourage me in all my pursuits.” -Jewel Mahoe, Elementary Education Major

Please join me and Jewel in sharing your appreciation for the individuals who made your UNC experience special. Let us know who you appreciate and why when you make an Appreciation Week gift in that person’s honor.  Your gift pays forward kindness and support for current and future students. You may choose to give to the area of campus dearest to you, or you may choose to support all students with a gift directed to the UNC Scholarship Fund or Campus Commons.

When I think of UNC, I will always think of my first class, my favorite professor, and the friendships and experiences that shaped my life after graduation. It is my honor to thank them and invite you to do the same.  


Lyndsey Crum ‘05
Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations

p.s. A special thank you to the political science faculty and the admissions office staff who made my UNC student experience incredible!