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Blue and Gold Gratitude: Bears Say ‘Thanks’ During Appreciation Week

Miki Appreciation Week

Annual GivingAnnual Giving
May 08, 2019

A flood of bright gold cards is making its way to every corner of campus, lifting spirits along the way. 

The cards are a tradition of UNC’s annual Appreciation Week, recognizing everything from the campus squirrels to dining services and our exceptional faculty and staff.

“It takes many different people to make UNC a great place to learn, work and connect,” says Assistant Director of Annual Giving Kelsey Crane. “That’s why every year we hold an Appreciation Week and invite employees and students alike to take a moment to express their gratitude for the individuals who make their UNC experience special.” 

appreciation week cards for Jose

Throughout the week of April 15th students, faculty and staff were invited to fill out thank-you cards at various campus locations. By the end of the week more than 1,000 cards had been collected. 

“The cards I received were very affirming, and heart-warming, given that the work I do is kind of behind the scenes so-to-speak,” says Jason Krukowski, a Marketing Specialist for the Office of Student Life. “I love what I do and put a lot of passion into the designs I make for departments and students, so getting cards specifically pointing that out, makes me feel validated and accepted.”

A simple gesture, but one that has a profound impact on the individuals who make the UNC community unique.

“These are wonderful both to receive and to be able to give to others. The timing is also great, as these come at the end of the semester when we are often overwhelmed and trying to remember why we do these jobs – these are a fantastic reminder!” says Associate Professor of Biology and MBS Director Ginger Fisher.

“I love the cards, and I hang them up in my office. It means a ton to me when I realize I've had a positive impact on our students. These cards really put a nice cap on the semester. Those cards made my day, week, and semester,” says Clinical Faculty Lecturer Simon Cropp.

Although Appreciation Week 2019 is over, it’s never too late to share your gratitude with someone who’s positively impacted your UNC experience. Bears can offer thanks year-round using the hashtag #UNCBearsAppreciate.