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Alumni Oral History Project


Lyndsey Crum '05Lyndsey Crum '05
August 09, 2023

UPDATE 10/30/2023: Learn more about the project

We all have favorite stories from our time as UNC students. These college "core memories" form a part of our alumni relationships with UNC. Sometimes our stories cross over and are shared with other alumni, sometimes they are unique to us. But what is constant is the fact that UNC's institutional story, and that of our alumni association, comes to life through our collective stories and experiences.

As part of UNC's 100th Homecoming celebration, the UNC Alumni Association is inviting alumni from across our Bear Network to share and record their part of UNC's story through the Alumni Oral History Project.

In partnership with production company Publishing Concepts (PCI) the UNC Alumni Association will reach out to our alumni community, invite you to call a dedicated phone line and answer questions about your UNC experience. Your recorded stories will form part of our collective Alumni Oral History. Participating alumni will also have an opportunity to purchase a copy of the oral history production, but are under no obligation to do so. The Alumni Association will maintain a copy of the digital and printed reproduction of the Alumni Oral History project as part of our alumni archives.

How to Participate:

Alumni should have received a postcard and/or email from me inviting you to update your information and share your story. Call the 1-800 number included in the message to participate. PCI will assign you a specific code so that your stories are correctly matched to your alumni record.

More Information:

Alumni messages and invitations are being sent out as of October 30, 2023. But you are welcome to reach out to me directly and I will gladly answer any questions you have about the project, final production and data privacy.  Visit the Alumni Oral History Project page to learn more.

I hope that Bears from across our community choose to participate and I can't wait to hear your favorite UNC stories.

Once a Bear, Always a Bear!

Lyndsey Crum '05
Assistant Vice President
Alumni & Community Relations