On your way to Greeley for Homecoming? Whether you just graduated or you graduated 50 years ago, you’ll find much has changed – but the friendly Greeley vibe remains. There’s so much to see and do, and with a nod to some of the city’s hidden gems and new businesses, we’re happy to share a sneak peek of this UNC Magazine Greeley Guide, just in time for planning your trip.

Our hometown is growing (in fact, it’s the fastest growing town in Colorado and 4th fastest in the nation). If it’s been a while since you’ve been to Greeley, you may not know about some of our town’s hidden gems, family friendly activities, art and the growth of breweries and distilleries around town. Recent grad Dakota Perez ‘22 shares some ideas to get you started. For a more comprehensive list, check out the Visitor’s Guide at visitgreeley.org.

Hidden Gems

  • Thai One - 2541 11th Ave.
  • La Tarahumara - 1101 8th Ave.
  • Los Comales - 1331 9th St.
  • Sherpa Grill - 908 8th Ave.
  • Santeramo’s Pizza House - 1229 10th Ave.

There are so many outstanding food places within walking distance of UNC’s campus – and there are some hidden gems not everyone knows about. Grab boba from Thai One, some tacos from La Tarahumara or Los Comales, curry from Sherpa Grill, or some gnocchi from Santeramo’s! Each offers a unique global Greeley vibe.

Family Friendly

  • Poudre Learning Center - 5849–5893 W F St.
  • Ice Haus - 900 8th Ave.
  • Greeley History Museum - 714 8th St.
  • Midnight Oil Bookstore – 827 10th St.
  • Stella’s Pinball Arcade and Lounge – 802 9th St.

Take the whole family out on the town for an afternoon of ice skating at the Ice Haus or get a little fresh air on the 21-mile-long Poudre Trail. From there, you can stop at the Poudre Learning Center to find out more about the Poudre River and its resources. The Greeley History Museum offers insights and information about the city’s past. A good road trip calls for something to read, and you’ll find stacks of used and new books at Midnight Oil Bookstore at their new location on 10th Street. If you want to add some quirky nostalgia and a family-friendly neon vibe, try the 80s pinball machines (drinks for adults, too) at Stella’s, where you can grab a great burger or sandwich while you play. 

Art & Culture

Take a stroll through Downtown Greeley on a Friday night and find plenty of festivities whether at Friday Fest, the Moxi Theater, or at the Kress Cinema. If you look around, you’ll see some great outdoor art, with murals painted by UNC alumni -- including Armando Silva and Cody Kuehl. Interested in performing arts? Make plans to hear the Greeley Philharmonic or take in a musical, comedy, concert or show at the Union Colony Civic Center.

Breweries and Distilleries

  • 477 Distilling - 825 9th St, Unit B
  • WeldWerks Brewing Company - 508 8th Ave
  • Wiley Roots Brewing Company - 625 3rd St
  • Syntax Spirits - 700 6th St
  • Crabtree Brewing Company - 2961 W 29th St

Greeley has truly grown, and in true Colorado fashion, that means you’ll have some local breweries and distilleries to sample – including some alumni-owned options. (With some of the best water in the state, no wonder Greeley has become a place for phenomenal breweries and distilleries!) Try out 477 Distilling downtown and WeldWerks close by. Wiley Roots Brewing Company and Syntax Spirits aren’t too far from downtown or find a UNC-partnered brew at Crabtree Brewing Company.  

Coffee Shops and Sweet Spots

  • John Galt - 709 16th St
  • Margie’s Java Joint - 931 16th St
  • La Petite French Bakery - 919 16th St
  • Berry Blendz - 1640 8th Ave
  • Aunt Helen’s - 800 8th Ave, Unit 101

Need a pick-me-up? Greeley has plenty of local coffee shops where you can grab a cup. Spend some time at Margie’s Java Joint, John Galt, or Aunt Helen’s the next time you’re in town looking for something caffeinated! Close to central campus are two great spots: La Petite French Bakery (homemade, made-from-scratch pastries that will make you think you’ve taken a Parisian sidetrip) and newly opened Berry Blendz, which offers smoothies and sandwiches.

Homecoming + Family and Friends Weekend

September 23-25, 2022

Join your UNC community for Homecoming + Family and Friends Weekend. Check out the activities and events available on campus and in the broader Greeley community.

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