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UNC Scholarship Application Connects the Dots

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February 09, 2021

The UNC Scholarship application provides a centralized avenue for students to raise their hands and receive gifts from UNC’s generous donors.

When donors provide gifts to the University of Northern Colorado, they have many options as to where their money will go. Some designate capital funds or special projects. Others create endowments or support academic programs. Many decide to give to a student scholarship, knowing that one of the greatest ways they can impact current students is by alleviating financial stress and gifting students the opportunity to focus on their studies.

Then, when students receive named scholarships, the UNC Donor Relations team facilitates sending thank-you notes, which helps scholarship recipients gain an appreciation for UNC’s donors and for philanthropy.

In between, a crucial step happens: Allocating scholarships to specific students. That’s where the UNC Scholarship application comes in.

“The UNC Scholarship application is an easy and convenient way for students to apply for UNC donor-based awards,” says Marty Somero, director of UNC’s Office of Financial Aid. “It also assists financial aid staff and scholarship committee members in making accurate and timely selections that in turn honor our donors and help our students graduate.”

This centralized system is important due to the volume of scholarships and the need to give students a fair, practical way to apply for multiple scholarships for which they may be qualified. In the 2019-20 aid year, UNC disbursed approximately 570 foundation scholarships to 1,422 students. The total gift value? More than $4 million.

UNC’s scholarship application is part of a commitment to student success, and that priority is clearly shared by the broader Bear family. In the 2020 calendar year, 2,462 individuals gave a combined total of $1,162,128 to UNC scholarship funds. More than 1,700 of those donors are alumni, joined by hundreds of generous donors with other connections to UNC.  

Student thank-you notes like the ones below illustrate the impact of gifts on students and, in turn, countless other lives:

"I am so grateful for the support this scholarship has provided me. It means so much to my family and I that I was chosen to receive this generous scholarship. The loss of my father to cancer has put financial strain on my entire family. Thanks to your support I can focus fully on excelling in my schoolwork and preparing for my future career." 

Rhiannon Parent, 2020-2021 Jean Schober Morrell Dean of Students Distinguished Service scholarship recipient

"When I saw the email offering me this scholarship, weight was taken off my shoulders. I was thrilled to realize that books for my classes may actually fit into my budget. Again, I cannot express what your generosity means to me."

Kendra Smits, 2020-2021 Robert C. and Sharon L. Baldwin Math and Science Scholarship recipient 

"Thank you for selecting me for this award and most importantly for believing in me. Your support and assistance have empowered me to continue pushing through these challenging times and to look forward to working with students."

Mareena Esparza-Winchell '21, Leadership Award for Exemplary Teachers scholarship recipient 

If you would like to donate to one of UNC’s scholarships, please visit UNC's Give page.