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Undergraduate Academic Engagement Staff

Below is a list of the staff members in the Division for Undergraduate Academic Engagement.  

loree crow

Executive Director for Undergraduate Academic Engagement

Loree Crow, M.A.

(970) 351-2948

I have been with the UNC Honors program since January 2008 and at University of Northern Colorado since March of 2006. I have a B.A. in Social Science, with a minor in Business Administration, from California State University Stanislaus and an M.A. in Educational Leadership from University of Northern Colorado. My academic interests include cultivating student leaders from diverse backgrounds, developing inclusive and holistic honors curriculum practices and integrating civic engagement into everyday active learning. I am an officer on the non-profit board of Ascent Equestrian Vaulters, and was a co-founder of this high performance equestrian vaulter 501c3 organization. I also love medieval history, and spend a great deal of time outdoors with my family hiking, camping, and horseback riding.

 Margaret McKeown Kelley

Human Resource Specialist and Student and Faculty Support Specialist -

Margaret McKeown Kelley

(970) 351-4054

Margaret is the Student and Faculty Support Specialist for the the Division of Academic Engagement which include the Honors Program, McNair Scholars, ROTC and Upward Bound. She enjoys working with the students, staff and faculty at UNC. In addition to being the Student and Faculty Support Specialist for the Division of Academic Engagement, Margaret is also the Human Resource Specialist for the Academic Affairs including the Office of Global Engagement, and the Division of Academic Engagement, the Division of Academic Effectiveness and the Division of Student Academic Success.  Margaret has a B.S. in Business Management Administration Science from UNC and in her spare time she loves to cook, read, and go on long walks.  She especially enjoy spending time with family and friends.  Go Bears!

Andrea White pic

Coordinator for Honors Diversity, Assessment & Program Design-
Andrea White

(970) 351-1428

Andrea is entering her first year in the Clinical Mental Health Masters program. She graduated from The University of Northern Colorado with a B.A. in Psychology and minored in Biology and Human Services. She enjoys helping students navigate higher education and see their dreams unfold. In the coming academic year, she is looking forward to assisting Infinite Honors students and starting Graduate school! In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and being in nature. Feel free to stop in her office if you have questions or just want to chat!


HSL Office Assistant

Moyo Adebesin


Moyo is a sophomore at UNC and serves as the HSL office assistant for the Honors program. She is majoring in psychology with a minor in sociology. Her ultimate goal is to use her degree and knowledge to focus on mental health counseling and therapy within the youth and young adult age spectrum. In her free time, she loves to sleep, cook and work on new products for her small beaded jewelry business. 

Angie Kaufmann

Marketing & Graphic Design Assistant -

Angie Kaufman


Angie is a Junior, English Major with a minor in Theatre Arts, and she serves as the Graphic Design Assistant at the Honors Program. Angie is also currently working on her Honors Thesis and is a Peer Mentor. After UNC, she plans to go to grad school for Theology and eventually plans to teach full time, but she hopes to continue pursuing graphic design on the side. In her free time, Angie is actively involved in her church, loves performing, playing sports (especially soccer and fencing), and hiking. 

Dani Mogasano

HSL Office Assistant - Dani Magasano 


Dani (she/her) is a senior at UNC and serves as an HSL office assistant. She is majoring in business administration with an emphasis in management. Her plans after UNC include attending grad school and finding a career in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Analysis. Dani is completing a self-designed leadership track in HIP as well as a UHP thesis. In her free time, Dani enjoys cooking, watching movies, and hanging out with her two cats.


HSL Assessment Assistant - Claire Sharp

Claire is a currently a junior at UNC and is the Assessment Assistant in the Honors Department. She is majoring in psychology with minors in both biology and nutrition. She is hoping to get her PhD in health psychology when she graduates UNC and focus on how to encourage a healthier community. She is in both the interdisciplinary honors program and the upper division honors program. In the interdisciplinary honors program, she is doing her portfolio on mental health. Her upper division honors project is based on social media and body image. Claire loves to read and spend time outside where she loves to hike, snowboard, swim, and spend time with friends.