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Community Engaged Scholarship

  • Anthropology

    Creekmore, A. (2012, October). Community engagement and archaeological education: Introduction to a new activity at the Poudre Learning Center, Greeley, CO. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Colorado Archaeological Society, Boulder, CO.

    Kimball, M., Brunswig, R., McBeth, S., & Thomas, D. (2013). Fostering local futures: Place building theory and the living heritage paradigm. The Applied Anthropologist, 33(2), 4-15. (PDF)

  • English as a Second Language

    Romero, D. (2013). The power of stories to build partnerships and shape change. Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship, 6(1), 11-18. (HTML)

    Romero, D. (2013). Youth media: Making it in the world! In C. Faltis & S. Chappell (Eds.), The arts and emergent bilingual Youth: Building culturally responsive, critical and creative education in schools and community contexts (145-151). New York, NY: Routledge. (HTML)

  • Geography

    Klein, P, & Solem, M. (2008). Evaluating the impact of international collaboration on geography learning. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 32(2), 245-267. (PDF)

  • Nursing Sciences

    Bezyak, J. L., Berven, N. L., & Chan, F. (2011). Stages of change and physical activity among individuals with severe mental illness. Rehabilitation Psychology, 56(3), 182-190. (PDF)

  • Special Education

    Banerjee, R., & Luckner, J. (2013). Assessment practices and training needs of early childhood professionals. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 34(3), 231-248. (PDF)

    Chopra, R., Banerjee, R., DiPalma, G., Merrill, L. & Ferguson, A. (2013). Colorado’s example for preparing paraprofessionals for rural early intervention programs. Rural Special Education Quarterly, 32(1), 20-28. (PDF)

    Vogel, L. R., & Rude, H. A. (2011). Giving back: An analysis of motivations of aspiring American Indian/Alaska Native leaders. Journal of American Indian Education, 50(2), 24-43.

  • Interdisciplinary

    Kimball, M. J., & Thomas, D. F. (2012). Place-building theory: A framework for assessing and advancing community engagement in higher education. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 18(2), 19-28. (PDF)

    Brunswig, R., Junne, G., Bowser, G., Renfrew, E., Dickmann, E., Purnell, A., & Brown, M. (2013). Dearfield dream project: Developing an interdisciplinary historical/cultural research network. Social Sciences, 2(3), 168-179. (HTML)

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