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Faculty & Staff Awards

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The ACE Awards were created to recognize and honor outstanding efforts and achievements made toward the development and practice of the field of community engagement inside and outside of the UNC campus in order to prioritize, strengthen, and solidify community-based learning and research. The primary mission of this award is to make service learning and civic engagement the expectation inside and outside research fields to denote the need for more efficient, dynamic, and high-quality UNC-Community partnerships. 

Categories awarded include, but are not limited to: undergraduate student, graduate student, faculty member, staff (exempt and classified staff), and Greeley/Weld County/regional organization. 

Please refer to the guiding principles outlined below to see if you or a fellow faculty or staff member qualify.

Faculty and staff members can self-nominate or be nominated by students, faculty, or staff members. Application opens in Fall 2020.

ESSER 2020 poster

To learn more about the 2020 Award for Excellence in Social Science Engaged Research click here.

Guiding Principles 

  • Faculty 
    • Is a recognized leader with a solid reputation for excellence in service learning, community-based learning and/or community-based research. 
    • Continuously works toward building UNC-Community partnerships.
    • Has made a significant impact on their community. 
    • Actively pursues ways to foster sustainable practices. 
    • Applies knowledge and expertise to the broader context of community/society. 
    • Involved with outstanding community-based research, action research, applied research or service-learning research. 
    • Utilizes research outcomes for the purpose of educating a wide audience and giving back to the literature. 
    • Fosters service learning or other community engagement in the classroom by encouraging instruction, practice, and reflection of topics discussed in class. 
  • Staff 
    • Actively seeking out to build partnerships between the University and the community. 
    • Goes above and beyond their duties as a staff member to explore ways in which their workplace can be integrated as part of the community to foster service learning and/or civic engagement. 
    • Encourages other UNC community members, faculty, staff and/or students, to become involved with the service/work they are doing in the community. 
    • Actively engages in community-based research projects and/or promotes and organizes significant community-based learning opportunities (e.g. publishing work, presenting at conferences, organizing community events in which students participate). 

Past ACE Award Recipients 

  • 2019
    • Community Engaged Faculty Award: Kyle Ward, Ph.D.
    • Community Engaged Scholar Fellow: Gillian McNally 
    • Community Engaged Staff Award: Shawanna Kimbrough-Hayward 
  • 2018
    • Community Engaged Faculty Award: Kim Murza, Ph.D.
    • Community Engaged Scholar Fellow: Liz Gilbert 
    • Community Engaged Staff Award: Eryka Charley 
    • Collective Impact Engagement Award: UNC Active Schools Institute 
  • 2017
    • Community Engaged Faculty Award: Michael Kimball, Ph.
    • Community Engaged Staff Award: Vickki Niccum
  • 2016

    Awards for 2016 were awarded through the inaugural Mountain West Engagement Summit, a partnership with Campus Connect of the Mountain West.

    • Engaged Scholarship Award: James P. Walsh, Ph.D, University of Colorado Denver
    • Peter Simons Engaged Professional Award: Gretchen Wheeler, Casper College Center for Learning
    • Engaged Student Award: Deitra Sandy, Red Rocks Community College
  • 2015
    • Community Engaged Faculty Award: Whitney Duncan, Ph.D.
    • Community Engaged Staff Award: Patrick McDonald
  • 2014
    • Community Engaged Faculty Award: Joyce Weil, Ph.D.
    • Community Engaged Staff Award: Sarah A. Berkman