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Partnership Highlight

The Facing Project

The Office of Engagement is highlighting The Facing Project: Facing CHANGE. This project began at UNC in Fall 2016 and concluded in Spring 2017.

Facing Change: Exploring Community in Northern Colorado

The Facing Project is a national initiative that challenges college campuses across the nation to "face" issues that are relevant to their communities by collection community stories, writing stories from the first person perspective, and then sharing them back to the community through a creative outlet.

At UNC, this community engaged learning project connected undergraduate anthropology students to the community. Students interviewed community members to gather stories that were retold in their participants’ voices. The stories address the issue of change in our community, as encountered by diverse individuals. The stories were compiled into a published book.

By engaging community voices in reflections on change, social connectedness and mutual understanding, in our rapidly changing community, we envision that these stories and perspectives will inform collective understanding, illustrate the assets, and identify potential areas of opportunity for future collaboration.