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Deborah Romero

Deborah Romero

Director of Engagement

Office of Engagement

Contact Information

Mailing Address
University of Northern Colorado
Office of Engagement
Campus Box 21
Greeley, CO 80639


Professional/Academic Experience

Deborah Romero currently serves as Director for Engagement at UNC, overseeing the Community and Civic Engagement strategic plan and working to support faculty, students and community in engaged teaching and learning and scholarship. Romero is faculty in Hispanic Studies where she teaches undergraduate classes in English as a Second Language and Applied Linguistics, and actively encourages engaged learning and research in her courses. She also teaches graduate classes for the MAT program in College of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

Romero has extensive experience partnering with K-12 schools and her research interests focus on engaged scholarship and collaborations with local teachers and culturally and linguistically diverse immigrant communities, supporting and understanding multilingualism, literacies, and identity development. She has published journal articles and book chapters in both English and Spanish and delivered numerous professional conference presentations and workshops.  

With more than 20 years in higher education, Romero has an established record of leadership, scholarship, community engagement and development. She previously served as assistant professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and The Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico, and as program chair at the Autonomous University Queretaro, Mexico. She currently works closely with the City of Greeley, University Relations, and serves on the Campus Compact of the Mountain West Advisory Board.

Research/Areas of Interest

Publications/Creative Works

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