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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

Research - Getting in Touch with Overspending Online

Two UNC professors study how technology may be able to help consumers avoid overspending. [READ FULL POST]

Impact - Reflecting a Belief in Education

UNC Trustee Annette Martinez ’86 honors her parents’ belief in education by supporting future teachers through the Cumbres program and scholarships. [READ FULL POST]

Field Notes - Spring 2022

Research, scholarship, and creative works from UNC. [READ FULL POST]

Research – Amplifying Voices

Believing deeply in the power of the written word, Anthropology and Gender Studies professor Ather Zia, PhD, started her professional life as a journalist. Zia, who is from Kashmir, worked for the BBC but found that what she really wanted to do was to give voice to the political dispute and the stories of her homeland. [READ FULL POST]

Impact – Encouraging Future Generations

Alumni Rob and Sharon Baldwin offer support and encouragement for women from rural Colorado majoring in math or science. [READ FULL POST]

Field Notes – Fall 2021

Research, scholarship, and creative works from UNC. [READ FULL POST]

Field Notes – Summer 2021

Research, scholarship, and creative works from UNC [READ FULL POST]

Impact – Sparking Undergraduate Research

Alumna’s planned gift honors her family and creates new legacy supporting faculty-mentored research for undergraduate chemistry students. [READ FULL POST]

The Cost of Outsourcing

Professor of Management Isaac Wanasika, Ph.D., takes a close look at the cost of outsourcing — from basic manufacturing to high tech — then gives his students the chance to dive deeply into long-term implications. [READ FULL POST]

UNC’s 2030 Strategic Plan

The university community came together to develop UNC’s 10-year strategic plan, and the first of five phases is underway after the 2030 Strategic Plan was approved at the February UNC Board of Trustees meeting. [READ FULL POST]

Research – Researching Venom Resistance

UNC graduate student Neil Balchan is studying the blood of venom-resistant rodents in an effort to help reduce venomous snakebite deaths. [READ FULL POST]

Impact – Calling on a Community

Justin Venman says working for UNC as a student calling alumni has opened doors, fostered optimism and given him opportunities he never expected. [READ FULL POST]

Field Notes – Winter 2020

Research, scholarship, and creative works from UNC [READ FULL POST]

Impact – 12th Annual Women's Walk Goes Virtual

Supporters of UNC female student-athletes rally from their homes and neighborhoods to raise $17,000 for scholarships and student support. [READ FULL POST]

At a Standstill

As campus closed in March, it also brought research projects to a halt. We spoke with three UNC researchers about their work and the impact of the COVID-19 closures. [READ FULL POST]

Field Notes - Fall 2019

Research, scholarship, and creative works from UNC [READ FULL POST]

Research - Custodial Grandmothers

William Merchant, Ph.D., assistant professor in Applied Statistics and Research Methods, has seen how his field — which may seem to be all about numbers and data — can impact people in the most personal ways. [READ FULL POST]

Impact - Yucca Fountain

UNC Galleries’ unique new installation in the Campus Commons is breaking down barriers and drawing audiences of all kinds in an effort to make art more accessible to students and community members alike. [READ FULL POST]

Research – Calming Chemo’s Side Effects

UNC doctoral candidate Peter Smoak is taking a close look at how drinking kefir — a cultured drink similar to yogurt — may impact inflammation related to cancer treatments. [READ FULL POST]

Voices – Invested in UNC

During his investiture April 12, President Andy Feinstein spoke to the university community about UNC’s ongoing — and future — success [READ FULL POST]

Impact - A Historic Achievement for UNC

Thanks to the support of more than 10,000 generous donors, UNC’s first ever comprehensive campaign was a huge success! [READ FULL POST]

Field Notes - Spring 2019

Research, scholarship, and creative works from UNC [READ FULL POST]

Research - Calm Water

Economics Professor Mark Eiswerth seeks solutions to complex — and sometimes contentious — environmental issues by considering human values and motives. [READ FULL POST]

Impact - More than Monopoly Money

The Student and Foundation Fund at UNC gives finance students real-world experience investing and managing a portfolio on behalf of the UNC Foundation. [READ FULL POST]

Field Notes - Fall 2018

Research, scholarship, and creative works from UNC. [READ FULL POST]

Research - Reading for a Change

A UNC researcher seeks to understand how incarceration impacts relationships between inmates and their children with a program that helps build family bonds. [READ FULL POST]

Field Notes - Spring 2018

Research, scholarship, and creative works from UNC [READ FULL POST]

Impact - Leadership in Education

The Tointon Institute for Educational Change at UNC impacts classrooms and school districts across Colorado. [READ FULL POST]

Impact - WUE

A close community and financial support provide UNC’s Hawaii students a warm welcome. [READ FULL POST]

Research - A Place in Colorado History

Professor George Junne’s wide range of research explores African-American success and resilience across the years. [READ FULL POST]

Field Notes - Fall 2017

Research briefs from UNC. [READ FULL POST]

Impact - Allen McConnell Endowed Chair

Continuing a 50-Year Legacy of Teaching Excellence. [READ FULL POST]

Research - Skeleton Crews

UNC anthropologist Britney Kyle and her students reconstruct the past by examining bones of ancient civilizations [READ FULL POST]

Impact - The Campaign for UNC

The Campaign for UNC is our public charge to, together, boldly support UNC’s uniqueness and advance its mission. [READ FULL POST]

Research Notes - Fall 2016

Research, scholarship, and creative works from UNC. [READ FULL POST]

Impact - Impact of Giving

The Impact of Giving to UNC [READ FULL POST]

Research - Lessons in Listening

UNC researchers capture the songs and study the behavior of canyon and rock wrens [READ FULL POST]

Research - Found in Translation

Groundbreaking UNC research melds scientific lab work with real-world clinic to reveal benefits of exercise for cancer patients [READ FULL POST]

Research Notes – Spring 2016

Research briefs on shooting air rifles, marijuana use among college students and analyzing skeletal remains [READ FULL POST]

Impact - Rooted in Social Justice

With the encouragement and support she received from the Stryker Institute, UNC graduate Fabiola Mora centers her work in social justice. [READ FULL POST]