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Research - Calm Water

Economics Professor Mark Eiswerth seeks solutions to complex — and sometimes contentious — environmental issues by considering human values and motives. [READ FULL POST]

Impact - More than Monopoly Money

The Student and Foundation Fund at UNC gives finance students real-world experience investing and managing a portfolio on behalf of the UNC Foundation. [READ FULL POST]

Field Notes - Fall 2018

Research, scholarship, and creative works from UNC. [READ FULL POST]

Research - Reading for a Change

A UNC researcher seeks to understand how incarceration impacts relationships between inmates and their children with a program that helps build family bonds. [READ FULL POST]

Field Notes - Spring 2018

Research, scholarship, and creative works from UNC [READ FULL POST]

Impact - Leadership in Education

The Tointon Institute for Educational Change at UNC impacts classrooms and school districts across Colorado. [READ FULL POST]

Impact - WUE

A close community and financial support provide UNC’s Hawaii students a warm welcome. [READ FULL POST]

Research - A Place in Colorado History

Professor George Junne’s wide range of research explores African-American success and resilience across the years. [READ FULL POST]

Field Notes - Fall 2017

Research briefs from UNC. [READ FULL POST]

Impact - Allen McConnell Endowed Chair

Continuing a 50-Year Legacy of Teaching Excellence. [READ FULL POST]

Research - Skeleton Crews

UNC anthropologist Britney Kyle and her students reconstruct the past by examining bones of ancient civilizations [READ FULL POST]

Impact - The Campaign for UNC

The Campaign for UNC is our public charge to, together, boldly support UNC’s uniqueness and advance its mission. [READ FULL POST]

Impact - Impact of Giving

The Impact of Giving to UNC [READ FULL POST]

Research - Lessons in Listening

UNC researchers capture the songs and study the behavior of canyon and rock wrens [READ FULL POST]

Research - Found in Translation

Groundbreaking UNC research melds scientific lab work with real-world clinic to reveal benefits of exercise for cancer patients [READ FULL POST]

Research Notes

Research briefs on shooting air rifles, marijuana use among college students and analyzing skeletal remains [READ FULL POST]


With the encouragement and support she received from the Stryker Institute, UNC graduate Fabiola Mora centers her work in social justice. [READ FULL POST]