Invested in UNC

During his investiture April 12, President Andy Feinstein spoke to the university community about UNC’s ongoing — and future — success.

Investiture is an academic ceremony that confers the authority and symbols of high office. Reaching back to the Middle Ages, it’s a long-standing tradition in academia, literally meaning to “dress in robe.”

The donning of regalia symbolizes how our new president is invested in and personally connected with the students, alumni, faculty and staff in the common goal of the pursuit of knowledge.

Andy Feinstein, Ph.D., became UNC’s 13th president in July 2018, and early on identified with the words engraved on central campus’ Horace Mann Gate — a gift from the class of 1910. The words “Rowing, Not Drifting” were inspirational as he sought to address challenges and changes as a purposeful, concerted effort among the campus community. Here, we’ve excerpted a portion of his investiture speech.

Our people are the reason UNC has prospered. I sensed it when I sought this presidency. I have become convinced of it during my early months here.

I have spent as much time as possible visiting all corners of our campus, our region and our state. I intend to continue doing so. A president learns a great deal by listening.

What I have learned shouldn’t surprise anyone.

We have bright, entrepreneurial students who reflect the rich diversity of Colorado. Hard-working. Eager to learn. No sense of entitlement. They intend to change the world.   

We have dedicated, loyal staff. People who get up every day excited about helping students. Who create an environment where every student can thrive. Who keep us safe. Who take great pride in making this campus beautiful.

Our faculty are brilliant educators and researchers. They are breaking ground in human cancer research. Developing sustainable farming practices. Writing best-selling textbooks and giving them to their students free of charge.

We are surrounded by supportive business, political, community and educational leaders.

We have proud, loyal Bear alumni and friends all over the world ready to help UNC be respected for all that it is, and all it can be. Thanks to their support, UNC tonight will celebrate the culmination of its first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign.

UNC has a rich legacy of excellence in teaching. Research. Learning. Exploring. Serving. We now are poised to build on that legacy. It will take all of us. 

There is plenty of room in the boat. We are headed in the right direction. Let’s keep rowing.

–Andy Feinstein