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UNC’s 2030 Strategic Plan

Horace Mann Gates

Photo by Woody Myers

May 17, 2021

The university community came together to develop UNC’s 10-year strategic plan, and the first of five phases is underway after the 2030 Strategic Plan was approved at the February UNC Board of Trustees meeting.

UNC’s 10-year strategic plan — Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 — was developed following an extensive, collaborative process with university stakeholders. The resulting comprehensive vision plan is composed of the vision statement, five vision elements and 2030 outcomes that serve as the foundation in support of and in service to UNC’s students, faculty, staff, alumni and extended community. 

Vision Statement

The University of Northern Colorado will be the institution that Colorado looks to as the future of higher education. Our students will experience a personalized education grounded in liberal arts and infused with critical and creative inquiry, establish relationships with faculty and staff that nurture individual development, gain the skills and knowledge that provide upward mobility among alumni and share a commitment to the values of inclusion, equity and diversity.

UNC’s Six Central Values as a Students First university:
  • Academic integrity is valued and expected
  • Excellence is sought and rewarded
  • Teaching and learning flourish
  • Diversity of thought and culture is respected
  • Intellectual freedom is preserved
  • Equal opportunity is afforded
Five Vision Elements
  • Students First
  • Empower Inclusivity
  • Enhance and Invest
  • Innovate and Create
  • Connect and Celebrate

Watch for the graphic icons in this and future issues of UNC Magazine to indicate stories that reflect and advance our five vision elements.

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“Each member of our university community and every unit has a contribution to make on the journey toward realizing our vision for an even brighter future for UNC in 2030. I invite you to reflect upon the key actions and tactics in this plan and identify steps you can take to support the realization of our vision and the outcomes we have articulated.”
–Andy Feinstein, UNC President