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Academic Inclusion

Each student enrolled at UNC through GOAL is required to take a variety of courses. Students are held to high standards and are challenged inside and outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to attend, actively participate, and gain meaningful learning from their coursework. GOAL students are held to the same academic integrity standards all UNC students adhere to, as stated in the Student Code of Conduct. At UNC GOAL, students have access to each and every one of UNC's top-notch 100+ undergraduate programs. It is our hope that students develop and maintain a lifelong love of learning!

Each semester students design an individualized schedule (between 8 - 11 credits) with three main focuses: career interest, core curriculum, and specialized instruction designed to support students throughout their journey in college and beyond!

Traditional UNC Courses

Students enrolled in GOAL will be responsible for attending at least 2 traditional courses (up to a maximum of 7 credit hours) per semester. Each student is exposed to the course curriculum, and is responsible for learning a modified portion of the curriculum and completing modified assignments and/or assessments based on the student's academic level.

  • Courses are chosen based on the student's person-centered plan.
  • Courses are listed on the student transcript and are listed as having a "modified grade".
  • Students work individually with GOAL's Director of Academic Inclusion to design specific outcomes from traditional courses.

GOAL Courses

Students enrolled in GOAL will also be responsible for attending 1 GOAL Course per semester (4 credit hours). GOAL courses are differentiated to meet individual needs of each student, and are meant to provide specialized instruction, tools, and supports for success at the University of Northern Colorado and post-college life. Students are given the opportunity to work and improve upon their competencies in functional academics. Each unit is specifically designed to best support students in college and beyond. Click here to visit our catalog page.

GOAL Core Curriculum

Students in the GOAL program will take courses from four different content areas in order to further students' knowledge and nurture lifelong learning.  The core curriculum was designed as a way to best prepare students for a successful post-school transition. Each content area was selected with the purpose of fostering competencies in a variety of areas in order to better educate the whole person. Students will work with the GOAL team to choose the classes that both satisfy the core curriculum, but also serve as the best fit for their post-school success. The GOAL team has selected four content areas that all students in the GOAL Program are highly encouraged to complete:

  1. Communications: Regardless of an individual's chosen career, communication skills are integral to success. From gaining confidence and competence in multiple modalities of communication to learning ways to interact with loved ones and business relationships alike, the GOAL Program believes a course in communications is the way to accomplish this goal (3-credits). 
  2. Health and Wellness: Health and wellness are crucial to a happy life. Because we understand how challenging it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the GOAL team believes that a course in nutrition will best prepare students to live healthfully and successfully after their completion of the program (3-credits). 
  3. Social Sciences: Our primary goal for students graduating the GOAL Program is for students to live a full, meaningful life, and to be fully integrated and included in their communities. By taking a course in the social sciences, students have the opportunity to better understand society as a whole, as well as the relationships within (3-credits). 
  4. University 101: The University of Northern Colorado encourages all incoming students to take this course as a way to introduce students to the life of higher education. Students enrolled in the course are able to learn academic skills that will be crucial to their success, develop meaningful relationships with their peers, and navigate the challenges of becoming a college student. The GOAL Program requires all incoming freshmen to take a University 101 course in their first semester (3-credits).  

Have specific questions about our academic model? Contact Goal at goal.info@unco.edu or call 970-351-1164.


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