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Financial Aid

UNC GOAL is a comprehensive transition program. Students enrolled at UNC through GOAL are eligible to receive federal financial aid. 

UNC's Office of Financial Aid

Comprehensive Transition Program

Comprehensive Transition Programs ( CTP) were initially described and defined by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008. Comprehensive Transition Programs are degree, certificate, or non-degree programs  for students with intellectual disabilities that:

  • Are offered by a college or career school and approved by the U.S. Department of Education;
  • Are designed to support students with intellectual disabilities who want to continue academic, career, and independent living instruction to prepare for gainful employment;
    Offers academic advising and a structured curriculum; and
  • Requires students with intellectual disabilities to participate, for at least half of the program, in:Regular enrollment in credit-bearing courses with nondisabled students,
    Auditing or participating (with nondisabled students) in courses for which the student does not receive regular academic credit,
  • Enrollment in noncredit-bearing, non-degree courses with nondisabled students, or
    Internships or work-based training with nondisabled individuals.

Information above obtained from Think College! website (May 2017)