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Program Highlights


Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunity

  • $7,500 annual educational scholarship, renewable for up to four academic years with maintained eligibility (includes Fall and Spring semesters only)
  • An Apple iPad technology package for educational support is gifted to incoming participants.
  • Belong to a supportive Community of students who identify as a woman/transwoman and hold under-represented identities​.
  • Participate in a year-long program of empowerment, personal growth, and leadership development
  • As a Stryker participant, with maintained eligibility, you may be awarded the Stryker Scholarship for up to four years.
  • As an incoming participant you will enter the first year experience and grow with your cohort throughout your journey here at Stryker.

First Year Experience

First year participants explore social justice issues, identity, and intersectionality.

Second Year Experience

Second year participants develop leadership skills while integrating their social justice experience.

Third Year Experience

Third year participants practice their leadership through a mentoring program.

Fourth Year Experience

Fourth year participants will engage in a leadership capstone.