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Welcome to the Center for Women's and Gender Equity!

The WRC has changed its name!

After 25 years, the Women’s Resource Center is no longer the WRC! What better way to ring in our silver year, than with honoring the history of the past while embracing the hope of the future?

As we embrace this new year, we are actively working towards creating more access to our center. As our mission continues to support our inclusive approach to honor gender as a central identity and engage critical women’s and gender issues, while challenging systems of inequity and advocating for change at UNC, our name, the Women’s Resource Center, did not reflect that.

After our program review, and in conjunction with many centers nationwide, we have the green light! Our new name is official and we are ready to launch, The Center for Women’s and Gender Equity (CWGE) is open for business. We hope that you will feel the shift welcome all students, and especially embraces those students who are oppressed in their gender.

Come celebrate the beginning of the semester with us at our Open House on Thursday, September, 5th from 3:30pm - 5:30pm at Scott-Willcoxon Hall. Check out our space and find out about the awesome programming we have in store for the year. We will be celebrating with fun, food, and feminism! Hope to see you there!


The staff at the center are excited to extend a personal invitation for you to stop in and visit us in Scott-Willcoxon Hall. We are excited about the opportunity to connect with students and have a wide variety of resources and services.

 In addition to the many ways in which you can utilize the center, the staff at the CWGE are always engaging in dialogue, reflection and activism (both personally and professionally) surrounding issues and concerns for women as well as any marginalized gender experience. We understand the reality of navigating life and the college environment from a gendered place and seek to support students and the campus community in their gender journey. We offer programs and events throughout the year dedicated to educating our campus community and raising awareness about women’s and gender issues. We are also happy to engage informally, at any time, in the center or other campus spaces.

The Center for Women's and Gender Equity is part of the Department of Equity and Inclusion, under the Division of Campus Community and Climate and is housed in the beautiful Scott-Willcoxon Hall. The center offers a friendly and warm atmosphere for studying, hanging out, and making connections. We offer a functional kitchen, computer lab, resource library, lactation station, gender-neutral restrooms, and comfortable seating. We also offer referrals to campus and community resources to meet all of your needs, whether specific to gender or not!  

 We encourage you to stop in! All are welcome in our space; we look forward to meeting you!

 Inclusivity Statement:

The Center for Women's and Gender Equity supports an inclusive learning environment where diversity and individual differences are understood, respected, appreciated, and recognized as a source of strength. We expect that students, administrators, and staff within the CWGE will respect differences and demonstrate diligence in understanding how other peoples’ perspectives, behaviors, and worldviews may be different from one’s own.

 *Hours may fluctuate based on staff availability.