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Graduation and Retention Taskforce

The Graduation and Retention Taskforce is chaired by the AVP for Student Success and a college dean appointed by the Provost.

This Taskforce is Charged With:

  1. Analyzing retention and graduation rates data
  2. Recommending and, to the extent possible, implementing evidence-based best practices to improve overall retention and graduation rates
  3. Recommending pathways for improving retention and graduation rates for the institution and for each college
  4. Supporting a strategy to help UNC integrate best practices and data-based decision-making regarding retention and graduation efforts


  • Jared Stallones, Dean, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
  • Stephanie Torrez, Assistant Vice President, Student Academic Success

Taskforce Members:

  • Enrique Benavidez, Undergraduate Student, Student Body President
  • Santos Cortez, Tutoring Coordinator, Student Academic Success
  • Ginger Fisher, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Aisha Gallion, Academic Advisor, College of Performing and Visual Arts
  • Cristóbal Garcia, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, University Advancement         
  • Gardiner Tucker, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Student Affairs
  • Kim Monroe, Graduate Student
  • Jasmine Rodriguez, Undergraduate Student, EBS Senator       
  • Sonia Schaible-Brandon, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Academic Affairs
  • David Slykhuis, Associate Dean, College of Natural and Health Sciences 
  • Beth Stover, Graduate Student
  • Gabi Swize, Undergraduate Student, NHS Senator
  • Victoria Terranova, Associate Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice           
  • Phil Wyperd, Director of Institutional Systems and Architecture, IM&T   
  • Melissa Lea, Assistant Director of Advising, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences (task force support)

The taskforce meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month from 12:30-2:00 p.m. and is comprised of the following:


  1. Two (2) students (preferably an undergraduate and a graduate student)
  2. Two (2) faculty
  3. Two (2) staff engaged with student success efforts
  4. Two (2) representatives from Academic Affairs leadership
  5. One (1) representative from Student Affairs
  6. One (1) representative from Finance and Administration
  7. One (1) representative from University Advancement

Graduation and Retention Taskforce: 2021-22 Goals

  1. Support evidence-based education and action regarding retention, graduation rates, and equity gaps;
  2. Identify effective intervention strategies to retain students in their first two years at UNC;
  3. Recommend changes to procedures or policy to eliminate operational barriers to student retention and timely graduation;
  4. Identify effective strategies to support student progress toward timely graduation.