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Innovate & Create

Innovate & Create

Learning occurs through critical inquiry, discovery, and creation. We leverage technology and capitalize on opportunities to innovate and improve instruction. We anticipate and address societal needs by transforming the campus into a creative laboratory that asks questions, solves problems, and shapes Colorado’s future.


  • UNC delivers the highest quality student experience in Colorado through our personalized approach to instruction
  • We provide distinctive educational experiences that address workforce, environmental, and societal opportunities and challenges
  • We contribute to and benefit from local and regional organizations to deliver an educational experience that equips students to successfully transition from college to career
  • Students, faculty, and staff engage in a purposeful approach to supporting creativity and discovery

Five Vision Elements

As the university works towards the outcomes set forth by each of the Five Vision Elements in Phase I and implements specific key actions and tactics, we will highlight relative efforts of students, faculty and staff on this page.