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Admissions and Recruitment Taskforce

The Admissions and Recruitment Taskforce is co-chaired by the AVP of Enrollment Management and an academic leader appointed by the Provost.

This Taskforce is Charged With:

  1. Helping the AVP of Enrollment Management and other leadership create and implement a cohesive, sustainable, data-driven strategy for admissions and recruitment
  2. Supporting best practices for admissions and recruitment
  3. Providing input on the prioritization of efforts
  4. Identifying and, to the extent possible, eliminating obstacles to admissions and recruitment efforts


  • Arte Libunao, Executive Director, Extended Campus
  • Pete Lien, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management

Taskforce Members:

  • Caterina Azzarello, Graduate Student, Student Senate Director of Student Affairs
  • VACANT, Director of Admissions
  • Jenna Finley, Executive Director, Student Affairs
  • Sher Gibbs, Dean, Monfort College of Business
  • Chris Marston, Associate Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Rebecca O'Brien, Communications Strategist for Admissions and Social Media Coordinator, University Advancement
  • Savannah Rivera, Undergraduate Student, EBS Senator
  • Amanda Rutter, Assistant Professor & Early Childhood Program Coordinator, Teacher Education
  • Maggie Shawcross, Assistant Professor and Health Sciences Librarian, University Libraries
  • Susan Wheeler, Transfer Specialist, Registrar’s Office
  • Nicholas Dix, Assistant Director of Enrollment, Extended Campus (task force support)

The Taskforce meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month from 2-3:30 p.m. and is comprised of the following:

happy students

  1. Two (2) students (preferably an undergraduate and a graduate student)
  2. Two (2) faculty
  3. Two (2) staff engaged with recruitment and admissions efforts
  4. Two (2) representatives from Academic Affairs leadership
  5. One (1) representative from Student Affairs
  6. One (1) representative from Finance and Administration
  7. One (1) representative from Central Marketing (University Advancement)

Admissions and Recruitment Taskforce: 2021-22 Goals

  1. Identify priorities and action items for a local outreach and recruitment plan;
  2. Identify priorities and action items for a transfer outreach and recruitment plan;
  3. Streamline graduate admissions;
  4. Recommend changes to procedures or policy to eliminate operational barriers to effective admissions and recruitment;
  5. Support the development of criteria for the identification of programs of distinction and other areas of strength for purposes of enrollment-driven marketing.