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COVID-19: News and campus updates | University policies and resources


For Fall 2020, Soar will be offering both virtual and in-person appointments for all students. Schedule an appointment here.
When visiting Soar, wear a mask and follow all signs and posted placards to keep the UNC community healthy.

Exploring (Undeclared) Students

Soar and UNC are committed to helping you if you have come to college to explore the major options that are available. This includes students who do not have a major in mind as well as student who are Exploring: Seeking Theatre, Exploring: Seeking Musical Theatre and Exploring: Seeking Music.  If you fall in the exploring or seeking categories you are expected to take University 101 during your first semester to assist with major and career exploration. 

We can also guide you if you are considering a major change but are unsure of what you want to switch to. We can only give a PIN number to Exploring students or seeking populations listed above but if you are a major student considering a major change we will assist you with looking at various major options but cannot give you a pin. You cannot declare Exploring or any of the seeking populations if you have earned at least 18 credit hours.

You are empowered to develop necessary skills to become self-directed learners through the delivery of resources, information, referrals and professional role modeing provided through Soar. 

Soar is facilitiated by professional advisors who create a student-centered environment that is supportive and inclusive. The transition to university life is unique for each student and your Soar advisors will tailor services to ensure a focus on achieving academic, career and personal aspirations. 

30-Credit Policy for Exploring Students

The 30-Credit Policy requires students who have earned 30 credits to declare a major. Credits used in calculating earned hours at UNC include all applied transfer credit, college credit earned in high school and UNC credit hours. A No-Major Hold is applied to Exploring students' accounts upon completion of 30 credits. Once you have completed the appropriate paperwork and met any admission requirements for declaring a chosen major, the No-Major Hold is removed from your account by the Office of the Registrar.

Do you want to change or declare a major? Submit the Major/Minor Change Form from the Reigisrar's Office or see all majors.