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Student Support and Services

We provide unique programming though strategic integration of student support and academic partnerships while developing your sense of belonging on our campus.

Getting involved in student organizations, social justice, jobs and internships, leadership and the community enable you to practice what you've learned in the classroom and develop your skill set for success in your career and global society. 

Your UNC Experience

UNC Bears are free thinking individuals, seeking knowledge and skill so you can make change. We share in a culture that celebrates differences but finds a way to come together. 

We want you to explore and exchange ideas, because you can only tell your UNC experience and story to start the dialogue of how to live the UNC experience.

Share your experience

A journey An illustration of an open door.

Students' long-term goals include

to be well-off financially and help others who are in difficulty.

~From a survey of UNC students by the Office of Assessment