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Reporting Animal Wellness Concerns

The University of Northern Colorado is strongly committed to the humane care and use of animal in research. The IACUC provides multiple outlets for UNC staff members and members of the public to report any matter of concern about the humane care and use of laboratory animals at the university. Complaints my remain anonymous. UNC student and employee "whistle-blowers" are protected by Federal Law and University Policy.

Reports are investigated on behalf of the IACUC by the IACUC chair and the Director of Compliance and Research and, if necessary, by the university veterinarian. Immediate steps are taken to ensure that animal care and use are appropriate and that animal welfare is sustained. The IACUC is apprised of these investigations and their outcomes and makes further recommendations, if warranted. Reports and sources of information are maintained in confidence within UNC guidelines. The Institutional Official will be notified of the IACUC's actions and recommendations. If the IACUC determines this is a reportable incident, the Director of Compliance and Operations will report the details and the corrective actions taken to the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) on behalf of the Institutional Official. If the incident involved an USDA covered species and resulted in a suspension of the protocol, the USDA and any Federal funding agency will also be notified. The University administration may take additional action in accordance with other pertinent University policies and/or regulations.

To report a concern or have questions , please contact any of the individuals listed below:

Written submissions can be mailed to:

Laura Martin
Animal Research Facility
Campus Box 110
Ross Hall 0284
Greeley, CO 80639