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Legal Interpreting Skill Development

There are several activities presented below.

They are designed to improve and/or enhance legal specific skills of sign language interpreters.

Interpreters working in the courtroom


  • Case Study Analysis
    • This guide offers a deeper exploration and analysis of a documented, real-life legal situation/scenario to help interpreters gain a deeper understanding of some aspect of the legal system and their work as interpreters within that system.
    • It includes a structure for analyzing case studies. Cases can be found in Trial Transcripts.

  • Comprehension of ASL Legal Texts
    • This guide offers strategies to improve understanding of an ASL message.
    • Videos of legal content in ASL can be found in Media - Legal Content.
  • Interpreting of Lines of Legal Questioning
    • This guide offers samples of the different kinds of legal questions and strategies to improve the interpretation of these lines of questions.
    • It includes five different kinds of questions. Sample lines of questioning can be found in Trial Transcripts.
  • Message Coherence Within Lines of Questioning
    • This guide offers an approach to developing a more cohesive message during the interpretation of lines of questioning.
    • It includes two sample transcripts.

  • Reading & Understanding Court Decisions
    • This guide offers multiple levels of inquiry to understand decisions made by the courts based on case law. 
    • It includes a process to assess court decisions. Decisions can be found in Court Decisions which also includes an ASL video on "How to Read a Case."
  • Sight Translation
    • This guide offers guidelines for practicing sight translations of legal forms and documents.
    • It includes nine exercises for practice. Sample printed English texts can be found in Forms & Documents.


Videos are available in Mock Legal Scenarios and Media - Legal Content.

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