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Resources: Publications

A variety of publications are presented below. These publications will stimulate deeper thinking about interpreting in legal settings. They can be used to springboard a group discussion of it's content and application. Additional archives are an available in the Resources for Legal Interpreting

These publications may be used in concert with any of the activity guides found in Legal Interpreting Skill Development.

Sheneman provides an ASL overview of this resource section and how it can be used.

Publications of Interest:

Alameda County District Attorney’s Office (2013). Miranda waivers. Point of View, 1-14. https://www.unco.edu/project-climb/pdf/mentoring-toolkit/part-2-resources/publications/da-office-miranda-waivers.pdf

Blommaert, J., Smits, L., & Yacoubi, N. (2018). Context and its Complications. In A. De Fina & A. Georgakopoulou (Eds.), [Draft] Handbook of Discourse Studies (pp. 1-19). Tilburg University.

Boyd, M. S. (2018). English for law: Theory and practice. Edizione.

DeClue, G. (2007). Oral Miranda warnings: A checklist and a model presentation. Journal of Psychiatry & Law 35(4), 421-441. https://www.unco.edu/project-climb/pdf/mentoring-toolkit/part-2-resources/publications/declue-oral-miranda-warnings.pdf

District Judges Association (2012). Pattern jury instructions: Criminal cases. Thomson Reuters.

Gino, F., Moore, D. A., & Bazerman, M. H. (2008). See no evil: When we overlook other people’s unethical behavior. https://www.unco.edu/project-climb/pdf/mentoring-toolkit/part-2-resources/publications/gino-see-no-evil.pdf

Hearing Allyship (2018, June 7). Guiding principles for hearing allyship. https://www.unco.edu/project-climb/pdf/mentoring-toolkit/part-2-resources/publications/hearingallyship-guiding-principles.pdf

Kruger, J. & Dunning, D. (1999). Unskilled and unaware of it: How difficulties in recognizing one’s own incompetence lead to inflated self-assessments. Journal of personality and social psychology, 77(6), 1121-1134. https://www.unco.edu/project-climb/pdf/mentoring-toolkit/part-2-resources/publications/kruger-unskilled-and-unaware.pdf

Mikkelson, H. (2008). Evolving views of the court interpreter’s role: Between Scylla and Charybdis. In A. Martin and C. Valero Garćes (Eds.), Crossing boarders in community interpreting: Definitions and dilemmas. John Benjamins.

Mikkelson, H. (1994). Text analysis exercises for sight translation. Proceedings of the thirty-first annual conference of the American translators association. Learned Information.

Monacelli, C., & Boyd, M. S. (2017). Professional Role, Norms and Ethics in Interpreting Studies Research. In M. Biagini, M. S. Boyd, & C. Monacelli (Eds.), The changing role of the interpreter: Contextualising norms, ethics and quality standards (pp. 203-216). Routledge.

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