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Project CLIMB's ability to positively impact the U.S. legal system and the American Sign Language interpreters who work within this setting was dependent on the substantial contribution and dedication of many organizations and individuals. 

They have our gratitude! 


Logo for Copper & Water

Logo for DAWN

Logo for Deaf Hope

Logo for DOVE: Deaf Overcoming Violence through Empowerment

Logo for Equip for Equality
Logo for Gallaudet University

Logo of GoReact

Logo for HEARD: Healping Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf Communities
Logo for Judicial Council of California
Logo for National Association of the Deaf
Logo for NASADHH: National Association of State Agencies of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Logo for National Center for State Courts
Logo for Registry for Interpreters for the Deaf
Logo for Street Leverage
Logo for The Learning Center for the Deaf
Logo for Vermont Network


by last name; NOTE: The first column is last names starting with A-K and the second column is last names starting with L-Z.

  • Aguilar, Aracelia
  • Akunwafor, Nkiki
  • Alford, Marie - NIC
  • Anderson, Melissa - Ph.D.
  • Aramburo, Anthony - Ph.D., NAD IV, IC/TC
  • Arfa, Rachel - Esq.
  • Atkins, Troy
  • Belozovsky, Arkady - CDI, CLIP-R
  • Blackstone, Marlene
  • Brown-Bryant, The Honorable Judge Helen
  • Brunson, Jeremy - Ph.D., CI, CT, SC:L
  • Caserta, Sharon - Esq., CSC, CI, CT, SC:L
  • Clark, Stephanie - CDI, SC:L, CLIP-R
  • Coleman, Marlene
  • Colonomos, Betty - MCSC
  • Davison, Selah
  • Decker, Kelly - NIC Advanced
  • Decker, Leslie
  • Deleon, Mel
  • Dorsey, Shamika
  • Dvar, Cat - Esq., CI/CT, SC: L
  • Elkins, Marissa - Esq.
  • English, Margie
  • Eyeth Studio
  • Farrelly, Amber - Esq., BEI Adv & Court Interpreter Certificate
  • Feliciano Cumbas, Rafael - Esq.
  • Forestal, Eileen - Ph.D., RSC
  • Gallon, Cheryl - CI, CT, NAD V
  • George, Jerrin
  • Gibbs, Shana
  • Gomez, Kellynette
  • Gordon, Claudia - Esq.
  • Goss-Atkins, Connie
  • Greenfield, JoLinda - NAD V, TC, CI, CT, SC:L, NIC Master
  • Groce, The Honorable Judge Charles
  • Gulati, Dr. Sanjay
  • Haimowitz, Avi
  • Hakulin, Stephanie
  • Hammond, Cedric
  • Horch, Bryan - CI, CT
  • Huffman, Scott
  • Isakson, Su Kyong - NIC, Ed:K-12
  • Izaguirre, Maria - NIC Advanced
  • Jacoub, Raymond - Esq.
  • Johnson, Marva - NIC
  • Johnson, Najma
  • Joseph, Elbert ‘EJ’
  • Kleist, Rachel
  • Lage Mahoney, Marian - CI, CT, NIC Advanced
  • Lang, Cassie - MAI, NIC Advanced, SC:L
  • Lee-Washington, Jacquelyn - Esq
  • Lewis, Talia ‘TL’ - Esq.
  • Lightfoot, Mary H. - CI, CT, NIC Advanced
  • Manikoth, Nisha - Ed.D., SPHR
  • Mathers, Carla - Esq., CSC, SC:L
  • McClure, Sandra - NIC, SC:L, ED: K-12
  • Mendelsohn, Josh - Assistant Commissioner at the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
  • Millios, Bill
  • Miner, Annette - Ph.D., NIC Master
  • Miranda, Kristina Marie Balao- NIC
  • Moccia, Lianne - TC, CI, CT
  • Moers, Patricia
  • Monahan, Michelle - CI, NIC Master, CT, SC:L
  • Moore, Ruth
  • Nakahara, Christine - NIC
  • Nishimura, Jan - OIC:S/V, OIC:V/S, CT, SC:L, CI, CSC
  • Prusak, June - CDI, CLIP-R
  • Ramirez-Loudenback, Audrey – NIC
  • Ray, Lamar - CDI
  • Regan, Erick
  • Rehabilitation Commission
  • Remigio, Jesus - CDI
  • Richardson, Keri
  • Richardson, Lesley - NAD V, NIC, SC:L
  • Richmond, Arthur - Esq., CI, CT
  • Rohlehr, Lia - Ph.D.
  • Sanders-Sigmon, Erin - CDI
  • Shamberger, Nicole
  • Shephard, Ryan - CDI, CLIP-R
  • Shupe, Sammi
  • Sifuentes, Alberto
  • Silvestre, Fatima - CDI, CLIP-R
  • Smith, Storm
  • Szynkowski, Rebecca
  • Stuckless, Rebecca - CI, CT, SC:L
  • Thomas, Cheryl - CI, CT, NAD V, NIC Master, SC:L
  • Thomas, Ronald Skip - CDI
  • Velez, Elisa
  • Wallace, Erica
  • Wanis, Rosemary - Ph.D, CDI
  • Webb, Jonathan - Ph.D, CI, NIC Advanced, CT
  • Williams, Christian - Esq.
  • Williams, Roger - LMSW, CT, NAD V, QMHI-S
  • Witter-Merithew, Anna - CSC, CI, CT, OTC, SC:L, SC:PA
  • Wood, Marie - Esq.
  • Wrenn, The Honorable Judge Daniel
  • Wright, Natasha - Esq.

Grant Recognition

The contents of the Project CLIMB website was developed under a grant (#H160D160001) from the Department of Education. The contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education. Do not assume endorsement by the Federal government.

As of December 31, 2021, this grant project is no longer active or soliciting applications.
This website will remain available as a resource.

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