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Board Adopted Mission

The University of Northern Colorado (the University) shall be a comprehensive baccalaureate and specialized graduate research university with selective admission standards. The University shall offer a comprehensive array of baccalaureate programs and master’s and doctoral degrees primarily in the field of education. The University has statewide authority to offer graduate programs for the preparation of educational personnel.  

Vision Statement

The University strives to be a leading student-centered university that promotes effective teaching, lifelong learning, the advancement of knowledge, research, and a commitment to service. Graduates are educated in the Liberal Arts and professionally prepared to live and contribute effectively in a rapidly changing, technologically advanced society.  


The University is a comprehensive baccalaureate and specialized graduate research university with a continuing commitment to its historical role in the preparation of educators. The University offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts, sciences, humanities, business, human sciences and education. The array and quality of University programs provide a unique resource to Colorado. All students are required to study in the liberal arts tradition, which prepares them to think and act responsibly in a dynamic, diverse and global society. Multicultural content and interdisciplinary programs enrich academic experiences. University curricula are designed to improve students' competencies in critical thinking, communication, and problem solving, leadership, and technological applications.  

As a Carnegie Doctoral University: Higher Research Activity, the University graduate programs emphasize advanced scholarship within a discipline and acquisition of professional abilities for career advancement. Graduate education includes a variety of master's degrees that complement the University's mission and purposes and a select number of doctoral programs that emphasize scholarship and research, clinical practice, pedagogy, or performance.  

The University provides a full range of student support services and recreational opportunities. The James A. Michener Library and the Music Library (University Libraries) provide information resources through sophisticated technology and established collections.  

Values, Purposes and Goals

The University provides services that support equal learning opportunities for all students. Learning occurs in an environment characterized by small classes taught by full-time faculty. University faculty, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, subscribe to a teacher/scholar model in which excellence in instruction is complemented by activities in scholarship and service. Support for the continuous improvement of teaching, learning, scholarship and service is provided through University programs, policies and practices.  

  • Values

    The University believes that its distinctive service to society can only be offered in a student-centered atmosphere of integrity that is grounded in honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. For this reason, the University is committed to promoting an environment in which:  

    1. Academic integrity is valued and expected;  
    2. Excellence is sought and rewarded;  
    3. Teaching and learning flourish;  
    4. Diversity of thought and culture is respected;  
    5. Intellectual freedom is preserved; and  
    6. Equal opportunity is afforded 
  • Purposes and Goals

    The University is committed to the following purposes and goals. To prepare a well educated citizenry whose understanding of issues enables them to be contributing members of a rapidly changing, technologically advance, diverse society.  

    To Prepare Undergraduate Students

    1. Students will acquire a solid foundation of general knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences.  
    2. Students will develop a variety of competencies in critical thinking, communication, problem- solving and current technology.  
    3. Students will develop an appreciation for diversity, citizenship, artistic expression, and a positive, healthy lifestyle through educational, cultural, social, and recreational programs.  
    4. Students will develop a life-long commitment to scholarship and service.  
    5. Students will acquire depth of knowledge in a specialized scholarly discipline.  
    6. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills that prepare them for careers and/or advanced scholarly work.  
    7. Students will master methods of inquiry to acquire deeper understanding of their discipline.  
    8. Students will demonstrate knowledge of professional standards and practice.  

    To Prepare Graduate Students in Specialized Fields of Study

    1. Students will acquire an appreciation for and ability to work in an increasingly diverse population.  
    2. Students will engage in scholarly activity, research, and creative endeavors to advance the knowledge and practices of the discipline.  
    3. Students will acquire advanced knowledge ands kills consistent with the professional preparation and standards of the discipline.  
    4. Students will develop a commitment to scholarship and life-long learning.  
    5. Students will develop those competencies essential to assuming leadership positions in their professional fields.