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Advisory Board

The College of Osteopathic Medicine Advisory Board is a group of individuals who provide guidance, advice, and support to the new college of osteopathic medicine. The board consists of community leaders from Greeley and Weld County, physicians from among our healthcare partners, and key stakeholders from the University of Northern Colorado.

Advisory Board Membership


Community stakeholders who have expressed interest and support for COM development:

  • Arlo Richardson (President, Richmark Companies) and Tyler Richardson (Principal, Richmark Companies) 
  • John Schmidt (alumni, C0-CEO of WeFi Technology Group and Managing Partner, Jam Capital LLC)  
  • Tom Grant, JD (Local Attorney and Chairman of the Board for the Weld Trust) 
  • Donald M. Tripp (Deputy City Manager, City Manager’s Office, City of Greeley) 

Members of local healthcare community:
  • Mark Wallace, MD (Chief Clinical Officer Sunrise community Health)  
  • Brian Davidson, MD (Alumni and now with Cigna) 
  • James Summers, MD (OB/GYN Banner Health) 
  • Maurice Lyons, DO (Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Banner Health) 
  • Seth Septer, DO (Alumni and pediatric gastroenterologist, Denver Children’s Hospital) 
  • Brenda Campos-Spitze, MD (Sunrise Community Health Clinics) 
  • Kamel Haddad (Dean College Natural and Health Sciences) 
  • Melissa Henry (Director, School of Nursing) 
  • Jeri Lyons (AVP research and Dean Graduate School) 
  • Mitt McLaughlin (Chair, biological sciences)  
  • Teresa Sharp/Elizabeth Gilbert (Colorado School of Public Health) 
  • Yvette Lucero-Nguyen (Director, Center for Women’s and Gender Equity & Stryker Institute for Leadership Development 
  • Shukuru Rushanika (UNC undergraduate premedical student) 

UNC-COM RSP Committee

Research Strategic Planning Committee

Jeri Lyons, PhD 


AVP Research, Dean Graduate School 

Darcy Copeland, PhD, RN 

Clinical and Educational

School of Nursing 

Michaela Romero, DNP, FNP-BC, ENP-C 

Quality Improvement 

School of Nursing 

Michael Aldridge, PhD, RN, CNE 

Nursing/medical education and assessment 

Associate Director School of Nursing

Nicholas Pullen, PhD 

Immunology, Translational, Immunology/medical education 

CNHS/Biological Sciences  

Reid Hayward, PhD 


Director UNCCRI  

Yuyan Han, PhD


CNHS/Biological Sciences  

Michael Kimball, PhD

Wellness and Mindfulness


Aaron Apawu, PhD



Liz Gilbert, EdD

Population Health

Colorado School Public Health

Heather Helm, PhD

Behavioral Health 

Chair, Applied Psychology and Counselor Education

Pam Thompson, DNP

Clinical Trials

Banner Health System

Robert Flynn, PhD

Clinical Trials

Banner Health System

Whitney Duncan, PhD

Immigrant health


Angela Mills, MD

Clinical research/GME