Fellow Bears,   

I would like to provide an update on the University of Northern Colorado’s strategic planning efforts. Last fall, the President’s Leadership Council reconvened subcommittees to review the 2030 vision and outcomes and develop a set of key actions and tactics. We decided to break up the work of achieving the vision and outcomes into five, two-year phases that will build on one another. The work we do in this first phase will lay the groundwork for success in the next four phases. The Board of Trustees provided feedback on key actions for Phase 1 in November.   

Taking the Board’s comments and feedback provided by the university community into consideration, the road map for Phase 1 of Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 has been established. The Board approved the key actions and tactics at their most recent February meeting.   

Now, it is time for us to begin the important work of implementing this first phase. I am pleased to announce we have launched a new Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 planning website that will serve as a hub for sharing details and information about the plan and our next steps. This website will also serve as a space to celebrate our successes and track our progress in the coming years. I encourage everyone to take the time to visit the website and come back frequently in the months and years ahead. We will also provide regular updates to the university community through newsletters and emails.  

A significant amount of work has been invested in strategic planning efforts and I am excited to see our vision come to fruition. I want to share my sincere appreciation to everyone who played a role in finalizing Phase 1 of the plan. In the weeks ahead, the university will begin to collaboratively implement the 10 key actions of Phase I. Each vice president will share information within their divisions as the implementation process proceeds. However, this will require a community-wide effort. As this work unfolds, I expect it will spark new ideas, thoughtful conversations, and challenging questions throughout the university.   

It takes each of us supporting one another and the process we have identified to move toward our vision, something I am confident we will see lived out in the years to come. While there is a great deal of work ahead, I look forward to putting our plans into action as we take these important first steps toward strengthening UNC as a students first university, becoming the institution the state looks to as the future of higher education.  

Rowing, Not Drifting,


Andy Feinstein